Disclaimer: This list is not meant to be a definitive guide to Cryptocurrency and Blockchain fortunes but as a starting point to chart out this painfully secretive and hard territory and is meant to be used as such.

The whole point of this list is to invite the people on the list and all contributors to come with the corrections and amendments so we can get to a stage to have a definitive Rich List!

With the cryptocurrency world being so volatile, many people are trying to enlarge their worth and rise in size. But there are a few world’s richest individuals who have amazed their wealth through cryptocurrency projects and exchange platforms.
Here’s a list of 100 individuals who have made fortunes in cryptocurrency and blockchain:

1) Satoshi Nakamoto

 The founder of Bitcoin and initial creator of Original Bitcoin, this anonymous creator was the first to solve the double-spending problem for digital currency using a peer-to-peer network. He claims to be a man in japan but there are speculations about his true identity. In October 2008, he published a paper on the cryptography mailing list at metzdowd.com describing the bitcoin digital currency and in January 2009, he released the first bitcoin software that launched the first units of the bitcoin cryptocurrency, called Bitcoins.

 Did you know: Satoshi Nakamoto owns 1148800 bitcoins and received 16.7 as tip.

His net worth is estimated in rage of $7.55 billion.

2) Chris Larsen

 Many Silicon Valley technology startups have been co-founded by this present business executive and angel investor. In 1996, he cofounded the first of its kind online mortgage lender E-loan. in 2006, he co-founded the first peer-to-peer lending marketplace in U.S. Later in 2012, he co-founded the company Ripple Labs, Inc., which developed XRP. Self-described as “radically pro-consumer” Larsen had been a vocal advocate, a speaker at industry events and also advisor for organizations like Credit Karma and EPIC.

 Did you know: Chris Larsen holds a total amount of 5.2 billion XRP amongst investments in range of other projects putting his net worth at about $2.1 billion.

3) Joseph Lubin

 A renowned Canadian entrepreneur having cofounded the swiss-based Ethereum, founded consenSys, a Brooklyn-based software production studio. He was also indulged in the creation of the Ethereum Foundation, a Toronto-based non-profit organization to be a “nonpartisan industry body, made up of a cross-section of industry players.”

 Did you know: Joseph Lubin has amassed himself a wealth net worth of estimated 1.7 billion dollars.

4) Changpeng Zhao

 Changpeng Zhao ,aka CZ,is the CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, which is on a remarkable height. Zhao has previously served as the member of the team that developed Blockchain.info and also served as chief technology officer of OKCoin. Binance, under the leadership of CZ, became the largest exchange of its type on the planet in under only 180 days.

 Did you know: Binance has been successful in fetching Changpeng Zhao a net worth of $1.4 billion.

5) Li Xiaolai

This Chinese cryptocurrency billionaire has founded the Bitfund in 2013 and has attacked many cryptocurrencies and influential figures in the ecosystem by making his secret recordings public. Li also established Yunbi, a cryptocurrency exchange based in china.in 2016, he founded INBlockchain, a venture capital firm focused on blockchain assets. He was also the early investor in EOS, Block.one , Bitshares and Steemit.

Did you know: Upon starting Yunbi, li’s bank account was frozen and he was forced to sell his bitcoins in the bear market so as to ensure adequate monetary reserves for the exchange. But still he is estimated to have a net worth of $1.2 billion.

6) Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss

These 36year old twin Olympians and entrepreneurs competed in the men’s air rowing event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. They also co-founded HarvardConnection along with Harvard University classmate Divya Narendra. They are at present venture capitalists and have led a seed funding round for bitcoin payment processor BitInstant. In April 2013, they claimed of owning almost 1% of all bitcoins available at that time i.e. Bitcoin holdings worth over $1billion.

Did you know: The Winklevoss brothers took $11 million as a cash settlement from Facebook that was awarded to them after their legal battle and invested it in cryptocurrency. At that time, a single bitcoin was worth $120. Now, they both have a combined net worth of approximately $600 million.

7) Mathew Mellon

Mathew Mellon, a fashion entrepreneur and a member of Mellon and Drexel banking families, was also a chairman of the New York Republican State Committee’s finance committee. Mellon had a bipolar disorder, inherited from his father and was also reportedly addicted to opioid OxyContin. He was reported to have died in a hotel room in April 2018 in Cancun due to a fatal heart attack after taking ayahuasca, a hallucinogenic drink.

Did you know: Matthew Mellon had an obsession for cryptocurrencies giving him a net worth of around $1 billion on paper at the time of death which would be approx. $342 million at present.

8) Brian Armstrong

This man had set up a digital currency exchange headquartered in San Francisco at that time when everyone was just doubtful about this digital gold rush. Now the company is investing in upstarts and making acquisitions-which includes the one that has progressed it to several tormenting financial licenses. He has appeared in various 40 under 40 publications for his achievements and was able to achieve “Unicorn” status with his company.

Did you know: Brian Armstrong fetched himself an estimated crypto net worth of $308 million.

9) Matthew Roszak

One of the investors who involved in blockchain early is Matthew Roszak. He is the co-founder and chairman of Bloq, and founding partner of Tally Capital, a private investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain-enabled technology. It includes over 20 investments including Blockchain Capital, Block.one, Blockstream, Civic, Factom and QTUM in its valise. Matt Roszak has invested over $1 billion of capital in his lifetime while spending over 20 years in private equity and venture capital industries.

Did you know: This early investor has amassed himself a net worth of approx. $305million.

10) Anthony Di Iorio

This 43-year-old investor, cofounder of Ethereum, became completely convinced in early 2012 that Bitcoin would play a crucial role in the financial markets. As a result, he invested large portions of his savings in Bitcoin related enterprises. He is at present running Decentral, an innovation hub for decentralized and blockchain technologies located in Toronto. previously, he launched Kryptokit, a secure bitcoin wallet browser extension, founded the Toronto bitcoin meetup and directed the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. He also served as Chief Digital Officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange and launched the second Bitcoin ATM(BTM) in the world, and the first BitAccess machine , in Toronto.

Did you know: Anthony Di Iorio has managed currently worth an estimated $246 million to $352 million in crypto assets alone.

11) Brock Pierce

The former child artist, Brock Pierce, has acted in Disney films ‘The Mighty Ducks, D2: The Mighty Ducks and The First Kid. In 2013, he joined brothers Brat and Bradford Stephens in founding Blockchain Capital (BCC). The currency he launched through Block.one was named EOS with an initial coin offering (ICO) of $700million. it was the biggest ICO in 2017.

Did you know: Brock Pierce also invested in numerous startups in blockchain like Mastercoin, Coinbase and Ethereum. This has helped him amass an estimated crypto net worth of $246-$352 million.

12) Chamath Palihapitiya

He is a venture capital investor, who has invested in fast-growth startups like Slack, Sprig, and Wealthfront, through his firm the Social+Capital partnership (or social capital). He is also a part of the group that owns the Golden State Warriors, the most recent NBA champions.

Did you know: Chamath had become the youngest VP in AOL’s history at the age of 26, and he spent 4 years as an executive at Facebook during a huge growth period for the social network. His net worth is rumoured to be close to $342million

13) Michael Novagratz

This former billionaire left his job as a hedge-fund manager in Fortress investment Group in 2015 to focus on cryptocurrency. Before joining Fortress, he was partner at Goldman Sachs in around 1989. Currently, he is the CEO of Galaxy Investment partners, a cryptocurrency investment firm. He revealed in 2017 that 20% of his net worth was in bitcoin and Ethereum.

Did you know: Michael Novagratz is estimated to have made over $250million from cryptocurrency.

14) Brendan Blumer

This Hong Kong based American entrepreneur, is presently the CEO of Block.one, the tech company producing the EOS.IO distributed ledger software. He made his first website to sell virtual assets in the multiplayer online gaming space, known as Gamecliff when he was just 15. In 2010, He also launched a website called okay.com which is an enterprise data sharing platform for real estate brokers in Asia. It was when Blumer met Larimer in 2017, they both planned of forming an open source software publishing company specializing in high performance blockchain technologies, now famous as Block.one.

Did you know: In a short span of time, Brendan has been successful in building for himself an estimated net worth of $240-200million.

15) Dan Larimer

Co-founder of the blockchain social platform Steemit, CTO of EOS, with the company block.one. He is also the creator of the DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake Algorithm). Larimer developed the blockchain technology Graphene, which powers BitShares and Steem token cryptocurrency. Larimer also started Protoshares, lately named Bitshares , with an intention of functioning as shares of virtual companies. It is organized as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

Did you know: Dan Larimer has been able to make his name among the richest of cryptocurrency with a net worth between $240-200million.

16) Valery Vavilov

A Latvia citizen, who founded the BitFury Group to ensure security and trust in Blockchain by developing 5 generations of cutting-edge mining chips and state-of-the-art data Centre designs, he is Valery Vavilov. Under his leadership, the Bitfury Group has made a greater focus to provide customer-designed software, consulting solutions and advanced hardware. It is currently one of the major public Blockchain security and transaction providers.

Did you know: Vavilov is now among the richest people of cryptocurrency with a net worth of $170-240million.

17) Charles Hoskinson

He is a Colorado-based technology entrepreneur and mathematician. His professional experience includes founding 3 cryptocurrency-related start-ups- Invictus Innovations, Ethereum and IOHK. He was the founding chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation’s education committee and established the Cryptocurrency Research Group in 2013.

Did you know: This co-founder of Ethereum has an estimated net worth of $200 million.

18) Marc Andreesen

Marc Andreesen is famous for his widely used web browser Mosaic. He is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer who has cofounded projects like Netscape and Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz. He was also the founder of famous software company Opsware which he later sold to Hewlett-Packard. He is one of the board of directors of Facebook, eBay and Hewlett Packard Enterprises.

Did you know: Marc’s venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz has invested more than $227 million in Bitcoin related start-ups since July, 2015 and has amassed him a net worth of approx. 200 million.

19) Brad Garlinghouse

Serving as the present CEO of Ripple, he has previously worked for Hightail as the CEO and Chairman. He is an active angel investor in over 40 companies including hardware company Pure Storage, Al startup Diffbot, and Indigo Agriculture. He also has board positions at Animoto and Outmatch.

Did you know: One of the richest people in cryptocurrency, Brad Garlinghouse, has an estimated net worth of $172 million.

20) Barry Silbert

Barry became popular on the Wall Street for building Second Market, an exchange for tough-to-trade assets. At Present he is working as the CEO of Digital Currency Group. One of the Silbert’s companies deals in US government-regulated securities whose value is derived from crypto. This raises the issue that if Silbert’s actions comprise of any illegal price manipulation prohibited by US law.

Did you know: Silbert’s outlook towards cryptocurrency has been described by him though a range of emotions like Dismissive, sometimes doubtful, Intellectually Curious, Believer/Investor, and sermonizing. It is his this passion for cryptocurrency that has fetched him a net worth of approx. $138million-$172 million.

21) Vitalik Buterin

The creator of Ethereum blockchain platform which has fueled the Initial Coin Offerings lineup, has been involved in the blockchain ecosystem since age of 19. He was also the co-founder of Bitcoin magazine which was afterwards purchased by BTC Media. Buterin has also contributed in developing other open source software projects for example: KryoKit, Pybitcointools, multisig.info and Btckeysplit.

Did you know: At mere age of 24, this skinny visionary has amassed himself a net worth of approximately $172million.

22) Tim Draper

Timothy Cook Draper, famously known as Tim Draper, is an American venture capital investor, founder of Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ), Draper associates, and Draper University. He also purchased all the seized bitcoins from the silk road marketplace website in an auction by US Marshals Service.

Did you know: Tim Draper is estimated to have 30,000 bitcoins approximately equal to $195 million.

23) Song Chi-Hyung

South Korea is presently the third largest country in terms of cryptocurrency growth. Among all in south Korea is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in South Korea named UpBit founded by Song chi-Hyung. The platform is said to have handled about $4.7 billion in daily transaction in one of the world’s most important markets for crypto last year.

Did you know: The exchange has millions of dollars in backing from South Korea’s most popular chatting application, Kakao. And with his tremendous efforts, chi-Hyung has been able to fetch for himself a net crypto worth of $ 172 million.

24) Vinny Lingham

He is a renowned internet entrepreneur based in South Africa and has cofounded projects like Civic- an identity protection and management startup, Gyft and Yola, Inc. and also an NGO called SiliconCape, that aims to turn Cape Town into a technology hub. Civic is a startup that encrypts identity information on the Blockchain. Civic raised about $33 million in funding during its initial coin offering.

Did you know: Vinny has a reported net worth of $171 million.

25) Roger Ver

Famously known as Bitcoin Jesus, Ver was an early investor in bitcoin related start-ups and has always shown his enthusiasm in cryptocurrency. He presently promotes Bitcoin Cash which is a hard fork of the cryptocurrency created with the intention of fixing high fees and long transaction confirmation times issues. He is also renowned as a libertarian, an anarcho-capitalist, peace advocate and an advocate for individualism and voluntarism.

Did you know: Ver bought $25000 worth of bitcoins in 2011.

26) David F. Swensen

The chief investment officer of Vale’s university, David F. Swensen, has invested in 2 venture funds dedicated to cryptocurrency. He invested in Andreesen Horowitz’s inaugural $300 million crypto fund, but the investment was confidential. His team also backed paradigm, a new blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused fund started by Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam and former Sequoia Capital partner Matt Huang.

Did you know: Swensen manages and invests Yale University’s endowments and investment funds, which total as much as $22 billion as of Feb 2016. According to relational stocks, Swensen has an average return of 17.8% over the past 10 years.

27) Charles Lee

He is the man behind Litecoin and serves as the Managing Director of the Litecoin foundation at present. Lee has worked for Google writing code for Chrome OS. In 2011, Charles got an interest in Bitcoin. In the same year, he launched Litecoin on BitcoinTalk after mining only 150 coins. Lee has also worked for Coinbase before his coin being accepted by cryptocurrency exchange.

Did you know: Lee had been continuously criticized for his tweets, which affected the price of the coin. Consequently, he sold all of his Litecoin holdings except for a few mined in the physical form which he kept as collectibles.

28) Bobby Lee

Bobby lee, the former CEO and Co-founder of BTCC, is among the richest in cryptocurrency world due to the first bitcoin exchange in china he formed which eventually became a leading bitcoin financial platform worldwide. He currently serves on the board of Bitcoin Foundation, a non-profit organization that fosters the adoption of bitcoins globally.

Did you know: lee had started his career in the Silicon Valley as a software engineer at Yahoo! Eventually leading the development of the earliest online communities.

29) Jung-Ju Kim

He is the famous Korean businessman who has cofounded Korea’s largest gaming company, Nexon. He also owns NXC, a 24-year old holding company of Nexon. NXC also invested out into cryptocurrency and now holds 83% of Korbit, an exchange based in Seoul. Recently, Kim has also pledged to invest $93 million to startups and children’s hospitals, and vowed that his children will not inherit his stake in the company.

Did you know: there are rumours around that the world’s oldest bitcoin exchange, Bitstamp, is up for grabs at a whopping $350billion price tag and $11billion gaming giants, Nexon, can crack a deal with the exchange any moment. Kim Jung-Ju is estimated to have a net- worth of $5.4 billion.

30) Hyuk-bin kwon

He is a billionaire Korean businessman who cofounded Korea’s third largest gaming company, Smilegate, maker of the famous CrossFire games. He owns 100% of Smilegate holdings, which he founded in 2002. Kwon’s mammoth gaming company SmileGate has forged a partnership with local Blockchain company TheLoop to develop a cryptocurrency for its gamers to use.

Did you know: Kwon’s has built up for himself a net worth of $4 billion placing him on position 8 on the Forbes List of the Richest South Koreans.

31) Jun-hyuk bang

He is the chairman of South Korea’s largest mobile gaming company, Netmarble, which is a $1.3 billion gaming empire with its action-packed role-playing games that became popular across Asia and U.S. Bang is all set to create his own cryptocurrency for Netmarble’s games. South Korea’s National Assembly has put forward a proposal to the South Korean government to lift the ban on ICOs, as some of the South Korea’s most promising cryptocurrency and blockchain companies are fleeing for more friendly jurisdictions like Singapore and Switzerland.

Did you know: This gaming tycoon is a slum born school dropout and has a whopping net worth of $2.2billion.

32) Beom-Su kim

Kim holds almost 22% of South Korea’s Fintech startups Dunamu, which has launched South Korea’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, Upbit. Kim also owns South Korea’s most pervasive chat application, KakaoTalk, a free mobile instant messaging application for smartphones with free text and call features. Kim invests his serious money in cryptocurrency space and due to this has survived raids at Upbit by Korean prosecutors easily.

Did you know: Beom is on the 13th position on Forbes Asia’s richest list with a net worth of $2.6 billion.

33) Joon ho-lee

Lee is a developer, publisher and distributor of mobile and PC games, whose company NHN Entertainment backed OKCoin’s launch of a cryptocurrency exchange. South Korea has long served as a channel to supply Chinese cryptocurrency pouring into the company and swaying the digital assets for fiat currency and vice versa, this has led to higher fiat to cryptocurrency prices than anywhere else in the world, therefore, is often referred to as the “Kimchi Premium”.

Did you know: This cryptocurrency enthusiast has a net worth of $340 million.

34) 50 cent

The famous rapper 50 Cent let people buy his album Animal Ambition in 2014 using bitcoin. At that time, a single bitcoin was worth only $662. In total, he pulled in over $400000. Since then, the value of bitcoin has soared reaching to about $6500 at present. After his account was untouched for years, 50 Cent has earned worth $4million through cryptocurrency.

Did you know: 50 Cent net worth is estimated to be $20 million, which is a huge fall from last year, when his net worth was at $150 million by Forbes.

35) Jed McCaleb

This American programmer and entrepreneur is the co-founder and CTO of Stellar.org. he is also renounced for his creations i.e. the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox and the peer-to-peer eDonkey and Overnet networks as well as eDonkey2000 applications and has also served as the CTO of Rile until 2013.

Did you know: McCaleb has donated $500,000 worth of XRP (at the time of donation) to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) and also to the non-profit artificial intelligence safety group OpenAl. Jed McCaleb owns a net worth of $7billion and has XRP worth $20 million.

36) Abigail Johnson

The CEO of one of the largest private companies, Fidelity investments, has shown her keen interest in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency every now and then, her company has also planned for a Blockchain startup named Axoni. They have setup experiments for Bitcoin and Ethereum mining operations and their employees can even own digital currencies through the startup services. Even the customers will soon be able to see Coinbase holdings on Fidelity.com. Johnson has a passion for blockchain technology which is consistently hitting governance roadblocks that limit their utility for enterprises.

Did you know: Abigail owns an estimated 24.5% stake of the firm, which has nearly $2.5 trillion in managed assets.

37) Manny Pacquiao

Emmaneul Dapidran Pacquiao, aka Manny Pacquiou is a Filipino professional boxer and politician, currently serving as a Senator of the Philippines. This Senator is also venturing into cryptocurrency as an investor in blockchain firm Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX). GCOX is first of its kind cryptocurrency exchange that has dubbed Celebrity Tokens and enables celebrities to create their own cryptocurrency. Pacquiao is also set for launching the PAC Coin as the first celebrity to create a token on the platform

Did you know: As per his 2016 statements, liabilities and net worth (SALN), the boxing champion has as net worth of over P3 billion. He owns over 100 real properties and has P250 million worth of investments.

38) Vlad Tenev

Vlad Tenev is the co-founder of Robinhood, a zero-fee stock-trading app popular among millennials. The company raised an estimated funding round led by a longtime investor, DST Global of $363 million and currently the valuation of company is about $5.6 billion. This makes the five- year-old startup a daunting competitor in the fintech-stock-trading market.

Did you know: This Bulgarian-born Washington, DC, BRED Tenev dropped out of UCLA’s math Ph.D. program to build high-tech trading software for hedge funds and banks with his college buddy. Launched just a year ago, this app has executed more than $2 million trades and has been successful in raising $66 million from top investors.

39) Baiju Bhatt

Baiju Bhatt is the famous American billionaire entrepreneur, and the co-founder of Robinhood. Bhatt earned his B.S. in physics and M.S. in Mathematics at Stanford University before stating two finance companies in NEW York city. Robinhood was founded with an aim to democratize America’s financial system

Did you know: The company has millions of users across the country and is valued at $5.6 million.

40) Pavel Durov

This is a 33- year old entrepreneur from Russia who created the largest European Social Network Vkontakte back in 2006. In 2013, Pavel’s business reached global level when he created Telegram together with his brother Nicolai. Currently, Telegram is planning to launch a blockchain Platform called Telegram Open Network (TON) with its virtual currency gram. During a private presale Telegram is said to collect around $850 million.

Did you know: Telegram token sale is often referred to as the greatest current cryptocurrency market event and who is responsible for this is Avel Durov together with his developers team.

41) Mark Karpeles

he is the CEO of the most controversial exchange in the cryptocurrency arena and is thought of possessing around BTC 200000. While the CEO claims that an unfortunate loss of the clients of the exchange had occurred due to a hacker attack, claimants allege it to be a well- devised plan.

Did you know: prosecutors claim that Karpeles sent close to $3million of the client money for his personal needs.

42) Tony Gallippi

Gallippi is the cofounder and chairman of Bitpay, currently the leading Bitcoin processor, and is said to be among the largest holders of the currency. It processes over $1 million worth of payments every day. In 2014, Bitpay employed over 80 people and Gallippi aimed to have over 1 million merchants by 2016.

Did you know: while Tony has not disclosed the exact value of his Bitcoin investments, estimates have put it around $7 million.

43) Ross Ulbricht/ FBI

Ross is best known for his creation Silk road website and his pseudonym “dread pirate Roberts”. Ross imagined silk road as a free market experiment with an emphasis on user anonymity, and he believed that people could buy and sell whatever as long as they are not hurting anyone. silk road was designed to use Tor and Bitcoin. However, Ross was convicted of money laundering, computer hacking, conspiracy to traffic fraudulent identity documents and conspiracy to traffic narcotics by means of internet.

Did you know: Ross had Bitcoin net worth of $28.5 million at the time of seizure which is now seized by FBI.

44) Joshua Schigala

Joshua Schigala is the CEO and cofounder of Vaultoro.com, the world’s first cryto commodities exchange running since 2015. In the late 2013, Joshua lost a lot of money in the MtGox collapse and decided to build the most transparent exchange in the world with his brother Philip Schigala.

Did you know: Vaultoro is the biggest crypto commodities exchange, trading tons of gold and is said to add more metals and cryptos till the end of 2018.

45) Kathleen Breitmann

Kathleen is the CEO and co-founder of Texos, a decentralized cryptocurrency. She has an extensive knowledge in the blockchain technology and in 2014 alongside her husband released the white paper for Texos.

Did you know: according to the swiss law, the Texos foundation holds all the funds raised, which have raised to more than $400 million in value because the contributions that were made in two cryptocurrencies- bitcoin and ether.

46) Juan Benet

Juan Benet is the founder, CEO, and Engineer behind Protocol Labs which is behind distributed products such as IPFS and Filecoin. He is basically from Palo Alto, California. Early in his career, Benet was the cofounder and CTO of Loki Studious and Advisor for StartX, and founded Athena. In May 2014, he founded Protocol Labs which has launched projects such as the hypermedia protocol IFS and cryptocurrency file storage network Filecoin.

Did you know: Filecoin has been successful in raising $52 million from accredited investors such as the prominent Sequoia and Union Square Ventures.

47) Elizabeth Rossielo

Ms. Elizabeth Rossiello founded BitPesa in 2014 and serves as its Chief Executive Officer. Since founding BitPesa in Nairobi, she has grown the company’s operations to include six African markets, with additional offices in Lagos and Dakar. BitPesa has also opened their London office in 2015 and became the first company of its kind to receive a license by the FCA as an Authorized Payment Institution.

Did you know: Elizabeth is a polyglot speaking 4 languages and has Senegalese and Nigerian background.

48) Ted Livingston

Livingston’s billion-dollar chat application, kik, was the first to be popular among the teens who didn’t like totie usernames to phone numbers. Last year Livingston jumped into the “initial coin offering” movement and raised about $100 million from token sale. Now he is planning to form an alliance with other similarly positioned startups around his self-minted crypto tokens, dubbed kin.

Did you know: Livingston’s plan is to land on a non-advertising-based business model that can compete against-or at least co-exist with-Facebook.

49) Balaji Srinivasan

Before getting into crypto, Srinivasan was a professor at Stanford University. Then he cofounded a genomics startup, with his brother named Consyl. He also launched a well-financed Bitcoin mining startup that eventually morphed into Earn.com, previously named 21.co. it was a crypto-social network based on paid messages.

Did you know: Coinbase bought Srinivasan’s Earn.com for a rumoured $100 million- a deal that many industry watchers described as an “acquihire”. Now Srinivasan, a to crypto prognosticator, has taken a seat next to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong as the company’s chief technology officer.

50) Lily Lui

Lily is currently the cofounder and CFO of Earn.com. she started her career in 2004 as a summer analyst at Morgan Stanley. She also served as a senior Associate at McKinsey and company from 2005 to 2009.

Did you know: Lily had been looking for validating email messages with Bitcoin and this gave rise to Earn.com. three years later Coinbase bought Earn for more than $100 million in one of the biggest crypto acquisitions up till date.

51) Tristan D’agosta

Tristan founded the digital currency exchange poloniex in January 2014 and is the company’s CEO. He previously founded a company that publishes classical sheet music named Polonius sheet music. He also worked as a freelance composer and a writer.

Did you know: in February, a news came up that fintech startup circle bought his exchange for $400 million. since then it has been cleaning up Poloniex’s backlog of customer service inquiries.

52) Nader al-naji

He is a New Jersey based entrepreneur and software engineer and has founded Basis which is developing a stable cryptocurrency with an algorithmic central bank. He had gained stints at quant hedge fund D.E. Shaw and Google.

Did you know: Nader’s startup received $133 million from investors including Bain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz to develop its so-called stable coin. the supply of this cryptocurrency is said to be mathematically controlled in order to keep its price secured to the U.S. dollar.

53) Knightmb

Did you know: This anonymous person in the community is said to own 37000 Bitcoins in all giving him a net worth of $240 million.

54) Wences Casares

Wenceslao Casares is an Argentinian technology entrepreneur with global business experience specializing in technology and financial ventures. He is an advocate of Bitcoin, and believes in its future bigger than internet. He is the founder and CEO of Xao, a bitcoin wallet startup based in Palo Alto, California.

Did you know: Xapo is said to be the largest custodian of bitcoin in the world, and is believed to hold as much as $10 billion of the cryptocurrency in underground vaults. Xapo has raised $40 million from leading Silicon Valley venture capital firms.

55) Dominik Schiener

This 22-year old is the cofounder of IOTA, a cryptocurrency that’s worth $5 billion and is designed for the internet of things. When it was launched in 2015, the project raised 1300 bitcoins through an “initial coin offering”, a portion of which went to the foundation.

Did you know: IOTA’s crypto token, the MIOTA, with $5 billion worth in circulation is currently the 11th biggest cryptocurrency.

56) Olaf Carlson-wee

This 26year old is another person who got rich due to cryptocurrency. In February 2013, at a time when a single Bitcoin was worth $20-$30, Carlson began working for Coinbase.

Did you know: He made a deal with his employer to get paid with bitcoins instead of physical money and started making transactions with bitcoins whenever possible. Those decisions were ultimately fruitful as they made him millionaire. Presently, he is the cryptocurrency hedge fund with assets rise seen from $4 million to $300 million.

57) Uncle Sam

The FBI seized 144000 Bitcoins while shutting down the Silk Road marketplace in 2013. This eventually made it the owner of biggest Bitcoin wallet. These coins were then auctioned for $48 million. It could have made more money if it had waited a bit more for sailing, but uncle sam is supposed of still trying to get a piece of Bitcoin action.

Did you know: Reports suggest that the vast majority of Bitcoin transaction go under the radar. That could mean potentially millions more for the feds may be taken as their own.

58) Alex Tapscott

Alex Tapscott is the chief executive officer of the Canadian venture capital company investing in digital assets, named NextBlock Global. His work revolves around the application of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Did you know: Reportedly, Alex Tapscott’s NextBlock Global is said of raising $100 million CAD ($77 million USD). But once it had falsely named four blockchain stars as advisors in an investor document.

59) Don Tapscott

Don, father of Alex Tapscott, is a renowned Canadian business executive, author, consultant and speaker. He specializes in business strategy, organizational transformation and the role of technology in business and society. Since 2017, Tapscott is involved in cross-industry groups attempting to advance solutions to governance issues in the emerging blockchain industry.

Did you know: Don Tapscott is currently the CEO of the Topscott Group and the cofounder and Executive chairman of the Blockchain Research Institute.

60) Eric Cheng

Eric Cheng is a Singaporean self-made millionaire and entrepreneur, presently, the CEO of Upper Joyful Limited. Cheng has recently acquired the 100% stake in Japanese FSA-licensed FX trade Financial Co., Ltd, an FX trading platform headquartered in japan. The enlarged platform is can be extremely helpful in garnering synergies among rising demand for trading in forex and crypto currencies that has swept across the globe.

Did you know: through this acquisition of about $67 million ,Mr. Cheng becomes the first foreign investor to hold a 100% stake in a Japanese Financial Service Agency(FSA) licensed trading platform.

61) Dave Carlson

Dave Carlson is the person who has actually mined his way to riches with enough hardware in his small warehouse. When somebody has enough hardware, Bitcoin mining can be extremely profitable venture. After founding the company MegaBigPower from his basement, he began to mine on an industrial scale.

Did you know: reportedly, Carlson has made over 8 million per month in 2016 from his 2000 square foot warehouse and presently enjoys a net worth of about $11 million.

62) Jered Kenna

Former US Marine Jered Kenna started his Bitcoin era when Bitcoins were only 20 cents per coin. He invested a large amount of money in the currency, which eventually paid off after several years. With His first Investment venture, he raised enough funds to setup several business ventures. Kenna now runs a craft brewery in Colombia that accepts bitcoins.

Did you know: His first company named Tradehill, a Bitcoin dark mining pool- Kenna was the first to establish dark mining pools. He has also opened 20 missions in San Francisco and has built for himself a net worth of $10 million.

63) Dan Conway

Dan Conway was once described by himself as “failing executive” who had spent his career at the US telecoms group AT and T tragically making his way through the corporate world. He was trying to send a message in 2016 instead of getting rich when he invested his net worth in Ethereum. He saw In cryptocurrency the next champion of the modern companies in which he had spent his career .

Did you know: he spent all his net worth in Ethereum which was priced below $10 at that time.

64) Gavin Anderson

He is the man behind the present prevailing Bitcoin. Gavin has postulated that Bitcoin will require less maintenance with the passing time. Bitcoin’s value will continually rise, even if he works less. The developer has already cashed out multiple times- he was once gifted over 200000 by the bitcoin foundation for his contributions. Obviously, he accepted that payment in Bitcoin.

Did you know: he maintains the source code of Bitcoin till now and was also chosen as Nakamoto’s “successor” of sorts in 2010. He also claims to be close to Satoshi Nakamoto for many years.

65) Adam back

He is a British cryptographer and crypto-hacker who has invented Hashcash, the proof-of-work system that is used by several anti-spam systems. A similar system is used in bitcoin. Today he is the CEO of Blockstream, a company that seeks to further the development of bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Did you know: Blockstream raised a round of seed funding for $21 million in 2014. In their 2015 Series A funding round, Blockstream raised an additional $55 million led by Hong Kong billionaire Li-ka Shing.

66) Adam Ludwin

He is an American investor and known financial consultant who is the co—founder and CEO of Chain, a network that aids in the building of Blockchain technology. Ludwin believes of a false chasm prevailing between cryptocurrency and their underlying blockchains. Although a blockchain may be able to support a cryptocurrency, it doesn’t mean it has to and instead has many other use cases.

Did you know: Ludwin’s company Chain builds the cryptographic ledgers that have braced several innovated financial products. In 2017 seed funding round, Chain raised a total amount $4 million and Adam has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

67) Zooko Wilcox-o’hearn

Zooko is an American, Colorodo based, computer security specialist, Cypherpunk, and has also served CEO of Zcash. He has been successful in designing multiple network protocols that have been integrating concepts such as self-contained economies and securing reputation system. He is the member of ZRPT and the BLANK2 cryptographic hash function as well.

Did you know: according to Wilcox’s presentation, Zooko receives 2033 ZEC each month as part of a “founder’s reward”. This amounts to a monthly payment of over $300000 per month or $3.6 million per year. Zooko has been continuously criticized for his this “founder’s reward”.

68) Erik Voorhees

Erik is a Panamanian/ American startup founder, who has invested a considerable amount of money in the digital currency market. He is also the cofounder of bitcoin-based company known as Coinapult. He has also worked with Roger Ver on the ShapeShift.io altcoin exchange, which he found and led as a CEO.

Did you know: Erik has also been a co-owner of the famous gambling website known as Satoshi’s Dice which was later sold for $11.5 million.

69) Yifu Guo

This NYU student has engineered the first Bitcoin miner. In 2012, he founded Avalon, the first bitcoin mining company. The miners produced by Avalon got so popular that they were being sold as soon as they were released at a much higher price.

Did you know: presently, many companies have started to build and sell mining rigs, but effectively Yifu was the first one to initiate it and become a millionaire by building these miners

70) Blythe masters

She is one of the most powerful women on the street, and one of the most powerful women on the blockchain as well. The former JPMorgan exec who was the first one to create credit default swaps in the ’90s has returned to master another innovation:  the technology that powers Bitcoin.

Did you know: currently, Master’s ventures, Digital Asset Holdings is trying to discover how to apply Bitcoin’s underlying protocol to financial markets. The technology describing this cryptographic masterstroke in layman’s language is simply a newer, better, more advanced form of database technology.

71) Micree Zhan

as the world’s largest mining chip producer, Bitmain draws much attention of the crypto mining insiders, its cofounder Micree Zhan has become a renowned figure who had influence on the world crypto stage. Zhan’s career in engineering is related deeply to the integrated circuit design. He has been successful in developing the application-specific integrated (ASIC) chips that have propelled the world-wide growth of the Bitmain.

Did you know: Micree Zhan owns 36.5% of the company making his net worth at around $4 billion.

72) Jihan Wu

When you first have a look at Jihan Wu, the first thing you will see a teenage wearing glasses with a baby face rather than a self-made millionaire. To your surprise, Jihan wu founded Bitmain and maintains AntPool which holds the largest hash rate distribution amongst mining pools, currently AntPool mines 16.4% of all blocks. This makes him highly influential in the bitcoin community.

Did you know: Wu owns 20.5% of the Bitmain’s stake, according to a leaked pre-ICO investors decks with a net worth of about $2.3 million.

73) Jeff Garzik

Jeff is capitalizing on the top of 2 dozen core Bitcoin developers by creating a coder-for-hire service specializing in the blockchain. His startup Bloq charges customers $3000-$5000 a month to develop new features for blockchain software and have access to 24*7 customer support.

Did you know: Garzik built a $11 billion company by helping business develop and implementing Linux and other open source software. He also serves on the board of Coin Centre which is a Bitcoin advocacy group and on the advisory boards of BitFury group and Netki and many other similar start-ups.

74) Naval Ravikant

Naval Ravikant is the founder of AngelList, a social media site whose mission is to connect startups with investors and investors with each other. He is the managing partner at Hit Forge and a well- known investor. He moved to Silicon valley during the outbreak of dotcom fever, and worked at @HomeNetwork, Intrinsic and eventually he founded Epinions.

Did you know: Ravikant is interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and he heads his personal website with a quote from author Neal Stephenson’s book,”Snow Crash”. Stephenson is the author of numerous books on cryptography and finance including “cryptonomicon”. Knowing his investments and the success of AngelList, his net worth is expected to be over $60 million.

75) Jon Matonis

Jon matonis is an e-money researcher and crypto economist focused on expanding the circulation of non-political digital currencies. His career has included senior influential posts at Sumitomo Bank, Visa, VeriSign and Hushmail. Currently, he is the Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation and also serves on its board. He is also a Contributing Editor of the digital currency news publication Coindesk.

Did you know: Matonis believes in the future of entering a post-legal tender age that is not under the control of central banks. To all those who say Bitcoin is a bubble, Jon interpreted that bitcoin is the pin that’s going to pop the bubble. The bubble, according to him, is the insane bond markets and the fake equity markets that are propped up by the central banks.

76) Stephan Tual

Stephan is the founder and COO of slock.it, a project at the intersection of the loT and the blockchain. Slock.it explores how Ethereum light nodes could metamorphose the emerging Sharing Economy infrastructure by enabling anyone to rent, sell or share their property without middleman when embedded in connected cars, homes, shared goods.

Did you know: Stephan is the former CCO of Ethereum, the next generation blockchain that raised $18.9 million as part of the world’s second largest crowdfunding event, now valued over USD 90 million.

77) Charlie Shrem

Charlie was the founder of the now-inoperative startup company BitInstant, served as the chairman of Bitcoin Foundation. Shrem was also featured in the documentary directed by Nicholos Mross that explores the origins and development of Bitcoin named ‘The rise and rise of Bitcoin’ and in the 2015 book Digital Gold by Nathaniel Popper, which covers the rise of bitcoin.

Did you know: Charlie was sentenced to 2 years in prison for aiding and abetting the operation of an unlicensed money-transmitting business related to the silk road marketplace. After being freed from jail, Charlie went back to his crypto business and presently has a net worth of about $15 million.

78) Erik Finman

this teenager made a deal with his parents that if he becomes a billionaire before turning 18, they would not force him to go to college. This would have been impossible otherwise if he had not invested in bitcoin and due to the current all-time high valuation, he won’t have to get his degree. He began investing in bitcoin in May 2011 at the age of 12, from a $1000 gift from his grandmother and a tip from his brother Scott.

Did you know: Erik currently owns 403 bitcoins, which at the current $6500 a coin puts his bitcoin value at $2.6 million. He also has smaller investments in other cryptocurrencies, including Litecoin and Ethereum.

79) Sonic ZHANG

Sonic Zhang is the founder of LedgerZ Capital and ValueNet Capital, focusing on investing in blockchain startup, security token offerings (STO) and cryptos, portfolio include OmiseGo, Binance, PowerLedger, WAX ,coinpoker, Lympo, Bankorus, RobotCache, Celsius Network, Tzero, Tenzorum, etc. Did you know: in another move to improve capital accessibility for blockchain startups, Soni Zhang, has invested 25k ETH in ZEEX through his new crypto fund, Ledgerz.

80) Christine Moy

Christine Moy leads the bank’s blockchain program for JpMorgan chase after the departure of Amber Baldet.

Did you know: JPMorgan Chase is said to be considering a spin-off of quorum but Moy is holding the sales of its techs development such as the execution of $150 million fixed income security, a yakee certificate of deposit, on that ledger.

81) Nejc Kodric

 Nejc is an entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast based in London and Luxemburg. He is the cofounder and CEO of Bitstamp, Europe’s oldest and largest cryptocurrency exchange.

Did you know: Nejc cofounded Bitstamp with some basic computer equipment and only 1,000 euros. It has since become one of the highest volume bitcoin exchanges in the world.

82) Roham Gharegozlou

Roham founded Axiom Zen, a venture studio named by Canadian business magazine as one of Canada’s most innovative companies. But he is best known for giving the world CryptoKitties, digital cats that can be traded on a public blockchain.

Did you know: When Axiom Zen added Cryptokitties into its own companies, they gained $12 million in funding from stored venture capital firms, such as Andreessen Horowitz and Union Square Ventures.

83) Kingsley Advani

Advani came to know about Bitcoin when was more of a means of payment in the criminal world, rather than an investment option back inn 2012. But Advani realized its true potential and started investing his money in cryptocurrency.

Did you know: Advani invested all his savings he had saved from his data scientist job at a small software company. His $34000 investment was a big gamble, in his own words, but it paid of.

84) Peter Saddington

Peter is the CTO of Atlanta-based startup VinWiki and runs a cryptocurrency social network called TheBitcoin.pub. peter got to know about bitcoin through an Ars Technica publication, which reported a massive dip in crypto’s value. Peter was intrigued by this new technology and researched extensively about bitcoins.

Did you know: peter purchased more than 1000 bitcoins when he price was just $2.52 each. Soon he became a renowned name in the crypto ecosystem when he cashed 45 bitcoins and bought a Lamborghini Huracan for himself.

85) Eddy Zillam

Eddy made his first bitcoin investment with just $100 but in return received a quick and high return. This pervaded him to go with a bigger amount. Eddy invested all his savings worth $12000 and soon money started pouring in. Then, eddy explored more diverse dimensions of bitcoin trading and tried his luck with altcoin as well, especially Ethereum thus changing his fortune through cryptocurrency.

Did you know: Zillan has reported his crypto assets over a million dollars. Furthermore, He, presently, advices and guides others to get rich with crypto trading.

86) Mr. Smith

Mr. smith is a person who has hidden his original name but is often seen travelling the world in ultra-luxurious style all because of his wealth he made in cryptocurrency. According to him, He only flies first class, stays exclusively in 5-star suits and has not cooked since last thanks giving. Did you know: smith decided to invest $3000 in bitcoin when it was $0.15 per bitcoin, thus about 20,000 coins in his wallet. The cryptocurrency speed rocketed soon and smith would check on the rise every now and then, it was arrived soon when he landed up in millionaire list.

87) Jeremi Gardner

 The young Jeremi got interested in bitcoin when he heard about the silk road controversy and bitcoins involvement in illegal trades. Through one of his friends, he was successful in buying some bitcoins. His net worth just doubled in a short time period. Jeremy is now a bitcoin millionaire.

Did you know: Jeremi has named his residence in San Francisco as ‘crypto castle’ and also invites crypto enthusiasts from around the world. He claims that over half a dozen people that lived around him have become millionaire.

88) Ian Balina

Ian is a cryptocurrency investor and blockchain enthusiast based in Washington DC. Balina left his corporate job so as to become a crypto-influencer. He had started Diary of a Made Man in Feb 2017 focusing on creation of financial content full time. He became famous for posting his Blockfolio on Instagram.

Did you know: on 15 April 2018, during a livestream session on reviewing ICOs, a viewer informed Balina about his wallet addresses being hacked out of $ 2 million worth of crypto.

89) Gua Hong Cai

Guo Hong Cai, a beef salesman turned early bitcoin adopter from China’s Shanxi province, is one of the freshly minted millionaires channelling parts of their wealth out of the country by purchasing real estate abroad.

Did you know: Hong Cai sold 500 bitcoins in the US and used that money to buy a 100,000 square foot mansion in los Latos. His Rolls-Royce, is also one of the things he gained through bitcoin opportunities.

90) Ong Jun Hao

Mr Ong is the founder of cryptocurrency consulting company BlockConnectors. Jun Hao has consulted for more than 20 ICOs and advised multiple ICOs. Not only that, he has over 50,000 followers on different social media platforms.

Did you know: This self-made millionaire is zealous about cryptocurrency and the underlying technology, blockchain. Over the past years, he has amassed for him over 17,000 followers on telegram by guiding people to understand more about cryptocurrency.

91) James Howells

A 32 year old man from Wales, started working with bitcoins from a computer in 2009.

Did you know: after a year of beginning to work in cryptocurrency, he dismantled the device and stored the parts in a drawer, then eventually threw them away. Thus, several years’ worth of trash now lie in discarded hard drive, and retrieving it is an expensive process. However, the bitcoins it contains are worth more than $100 million at today’s prices.

92) Marc Vander Chijis

Marc is a business man and investor and the founder of First Block Capital, Hut 8 Mining and Firstcoin.com. his main activities were in Fintech, with a focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Did you know: Marc founded the first registered cryptocurrency investment fund in Canada, First Block Capital and launched the first licensed Bitcoin fund in the world (FBC Bitcoin Fund).

93) Ari Paul

Ari is the CIO and the cofounder of BlockTower Capital, a specialized cryptocurrency investment company.

Did you know: He has a background as an investment management, and he also blogs about crypto investing at TheCryptocurrencyInvestor.com that should be on every cryptocurrency holder’s reading list.

94) Kristoffer Koch

Kristoffer is surely a legend and an inspiration for many to try their luck with cryptocurrencies. The young Norwegian stumbled upon the world of cryptocurrency while writing a thesis on encryption.

Did you know: Koch invested 150 kroner and acquired 5000 bitcoins in 2009. But he somehow forgot about them and did not care about his investments until media started positive coverage of cryptocurrency. Koch on the dot searched for private keys of his encrypted wallets and found $886000 hiding in there for him.

95) Edward Skupien

Edward got to know about bitcoin on the Facebook post of a friend. He researched about it and began to buy a few coins per month, at price range of $225 to $800, until he accumulated about 80 bitcoins. It was once when bitcoin had fallen to around $600, he sold all his coins to finance a used Audi A8L. Somehow, he couldn’t get that car and decided to put back the money in bitcoin. That time, he ended up with 60 bitcoins.

Did you know: Edward Skupien of Sacramento has made more than $450,000, far more than he has on the rest of his retirement plan even with this booming stock market.

96) James and Julian Sediacci

these twin brothers were among the earliest investors in Ethereum and also hoarded large amount of it when Ethereum cost was only 30 cents. The recent rise in Ethereum’s value has earned them thousands of dollars.

Did you know: the brothers also run one of the largest cryptocurrency trading community in San Francisco. They call themselves ‘crypto enthusiasts’ and are open to career opportunities in blockchain technology.

97) Tim Enneking

He is the prime example of how to succeed in bitcoin investing. He is a hedge fund manager who achieved the all-time annual records for both funds and funds of funds.

Did you know: Enneking started the world’s first digital currency fund. During his work, Enneking precisely researched bitcoins. Since he couldn’t find any red flags, he concluded perhaps there was more to the cryptocurrency than he had originally thought.

98) Arthur Hayes

BitMEX, a crypto derivatives marketplace that was encouraged by the crypto currency exchange for launching Bitcoin features on Chicago mercantile exchange and the Chicago board options exchange was co-founded by Arthur Hayes.

Did you know: BitMEX handled an average $2.1 billion in trade at the end of 2017. This was far more than $50 million that changed hands with the CBOE on its first day of launch. The brain behind it is Arthur Hayes.

99) Bill Barhydt

This American tech investor and entrepreneur is the founder and current CEO of the startup Abra. He has also worked as the technical director at Netscape during its days with Marc Andreesen. Bill believes in making Abra one of the most important apps ever made for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency.

Did you know: Under the guidance of Barhydt, the company has been able to raise $14 million, and now has Gwyneth Paltrow as the chairman.

100) Daniel Collis

He was a construction worker who initially invested in cryptocurrency through a friend. He has spent some of his money he made from cryptocurrency in travelling and expects to be richer by 2019 with more investments.

Did you know: according to colony, his initial investment of $5000 skyrocketed to $200,000 in just few months.