Born in a family of Russian computer scientist, Dmitry Buterin and wife Natalia Ameline, this skinny visionary has conquered great heights at a mere age of 23 and has far reaching plans for his creation. We are talking about the boy-genius behind the World’s second most valued and recognized cryptocurrency platform after Bitcoin i.e. Ethereum.

Let’s have a look at 15 things you didn’t know about Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum:

1) The making of the ‘Genius’
It was as early as in third grade of his Canadian primary school, that Vitalik was placed in a program for the gifted due to his stupendous skills and talents. This made him attain an early and strong interest in mathematics, programming and economics. He immersed himself so extraordinarily into the learning process that could add three-digit numbers in his head twice as fast as an average human being of his age.

2)  Vitalik’s accumulates objectivity towards centralized services
The 13 year old Vitalik got so absorbed in playing the World of Warcraft, that he took earning extra levels in WoW as a priority over completing his own homework. Till one day when Blizzard removed the damage component of the Siphon life spell of his warlock game character. That incident made him cry to sleep that night and made him perceive the problems of centralized services and how horrible that could be.

3) Hello Vitalik! This is Bitcoin.
Vitalik first got introduced to Bitcoin through his father. He thought that it was impossible for something that does not have any backing have any value. But about a month later he heard about it again on the internet. And since he believed that if you hear about something twice, it might be a good idea to invest some time and find out more. He started reading Bitcoin forums and technical materials. He neither had any computer hardware required for mining nor sufficient money to buy Bitcoins. So he started searching for people who could offer him Bitcoins for a job and founded a Bitcoin blog curator who offered him 5 Bitcoins per article.

4) Viatalik is a brilliant writer

Vitalik’s articles allured a Bitcoin enthusiast from Romania and both of them eventually ended up co-founding Bitcoin magazine in late 2011. Buterin performed the job of the head writer for the magazine along with doing another part-time job as a research assistant for the cryptographer Ian Goldberg.

5) The third famous dropout after Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
In 2014, Buterin dropped out of the University of Waterloo so as to qualify himself to receive the Thiel Fellowship grant which was worth $100,000. Till that time, the ethereum project had already been declared and an ETH crowd sale was on going.

6) When Vitalik got the idea of Ethereum, he was just 19
During his visit to Israel, somewhat around October 2013, Buterin met people who were exploring the use of Blockchain for various other applications like issuing tokens on the top of Bitcoin, enabling users to use financial contracts and many more. After looking at the protocols these projects were using, Buterin thought of replacing all their process with a Turing-complete programming language (a program that enables a computer to solve any specified problem, given the earmarked algorithm and imperative amounts of time and memory). This could massively postulate what the protocols were doing and he decided to do it himself.

7) Vitalik traced ethereum on white paper
When Vitalik Buterin got the idea of Ethereum, he first traced it in a white paper, which he sent out to a few friends who in turn sent it further. Altogether, 30 people connected with Vitalik for the discussion of the concept, but instead of reviews they pointed out critical mistakes in the concept. By January 2014, the team came up with a couple of lines of code that eased the creation of a decentralized file storage. Slowly, they changed Vitalik’s idea and shaped it into what Ethereum is today.

8) Buildout of Ethereum was funded through a crowdsale
At that time, when Ethereum was sold for Bitcoins, the team decided to go through a crowdsale. They raised more than 31,000 BTC from the cryptocurrency community, approximately equal to $18 milion at that time. The money raised by the Ethereum team helped them to establish a nonprofit organization based in Switzerland for overseeing the development of Ethereum’s open source software- The Ethereum Foundation.

9) The splendid progress of Ethereum
The Ethereum Alliance- a non-profit organization comprising of 116 members in the enterprise was developed to synchronize the upcoming development, distribution and use of authorized version of the Ethereum blockchain across the industries. This collaborated with a variety of blockchain startups including Fortune 500 companies and research groups.

10) Buterin v/s Ethereum team
There was a dispute between Buterin and the Ethereum team on the issue that Bitcoin required a scripting language to develop an application. Due to the opposition to his idea, he had to develop his new project through the Ethereum Switzerland company to include scripting language.

11) Vitalik Buterin’s net worth

Vitalik’s net worth is estimated to be around $172 million. This number is based on his stake in Ethereum . He is also reported to have a huge amount of BTC in his possession.

12) Vitalik’s engrossements

Vitalik’s main fields of interest include math, algorithm, cryptography, mechanism design, economics, social science and politics. According to him, he derives pleasure in pointing out similarities between governance challenges of “a political” crypto projects and the internal stupidity that is mainstream geopolitics, rationalist philosophy, and the intersection of it all.

13) Big businesses behind Ethereum
Some of the top corporations and companies that support EEA and its development are Samsung SDS, Toyota Research Institute Banco Santander, Microsoft, J.P. Morgan, Merck GaA, Intel, Deloitte, DTCC, ING, Accenture, ConsenSys, Bank of Canada and BNY Mellon.

14) Ethereum and hacking
Although extreme measures have been taken to safeguard the platform from intruders, hackers are constantly working to penetrate the safety mechanism. but still, there has been no incidence of hacking. However, the DAO- Decentralized Autonomous Organization that coped to become the largest crowdfunding project raising $150 million from more than 11000 members, got hacked. By the end, the hacker was successful in draining the DAO off $50 million worth of ETHER. Ether price immediately dropped from over $20 to under $13. And while the Ethereum team had nothing to do with the DAO and its hack, they had to deal with the chaotic situation.

15) The rumors of Vitalik Buterin’s death
A news initiated from 4Chan, on june 25 2017, that Vitalik has died in a car accident. However, this news was simply rumor, it led to a drop in the value of ETH market cap to about $4 bilion.

Concluding it all, we must admit that within a life span of just 24 years so far, Vitalik has become one of the most influential figure in Blockchain industry with his unique and interesting character.