About Zeeshan

Zeeshan is highly accomplished entrepreneur and a business analyst with a proven track record of obtaining excellent results. He is a graduate in Computer Engineering and achieved his master’s degree from the United Kingdom in Business Information Systems Management. He also holds professionals’ certifications such as ITIL v3 in IT Service Management, Prince 2 in Project Management and also Google certified in Online Marketing.

Before starting Adbits, Zeeshan has worked with clients such as easyJet, British Petroleum, Dominos Online and Arcadia Group as an IT Consultant and Capacity Planner. Zeeshan has enjoyed immense success in the field of Information technology and emerging technology such as Blockchain. He has a wide client base stretching across the UK, USA, India and Middle East and an active promoter and advisor for Blockchain Start-ups.

 • Why do you feel today’s youth is increasingly driven towards blockchain technology?

I think youths today are more open, risk taking, and mainly drawn to blockchain because of the hype and possibility to get rich quick. Besides the financial aspect, I do believe a lot of youngsters today embrace new technology very quickly and want to create opportunity for themselves. Many of these also agree to the core mission of moving to the decentralized networks and making today’s governance more transparent, efficient and cost-effective.

• What has been your contribution towards promoting this innovative technology?

I started my research on Blockchain in mid-2013 and made my investments in Bitcoin in the late 2013 when it was $220. Since then I used to actively research on the new blockchain projects, read whitepapers to get a good understanding about new projects and mission behind it. I started Adbits, with a vision to provide solutions in emerging and disruptive technologies, where we have worked with multiple businesses, startups and ICOs help them define and develop their business, technical goals and introduce them to global investors who like to invest in great projects.

With our partners, we host Blockchain related events in central London, and Dubai where we invite industry experts, startups, and investors to talk what they do, share insights, and network with like-minded people. We are also training professionals who are looking to embrace Digital Transformation in their organization and explore areas where blockchain can be most useful in their industry.

• Your LinkedIn profile says that you have ”Successfully implemented and delivered blockchain applications, smart contracts, worked with the developers and clients to build a new cryptocurrency” — Can you elaborate this statement?

We have worked with multiple ICO and STOs, some of these Blockchain projects have raised more than $20m through the early investors. We not only help these blockchain startups to build a tech solution but also guide them to refine their business plan, feasibility of their project by connecting them to the Subject Matter Experts. We also help projects with security audits which many businesses often neglect. We have a very strict criteria of who we work with, because you may find in this cryptocurrency market there are a lot people out there who want to get rich quick and have no real purpose of their project. We take all efforts to deliver real solutions which will have a great and positive impact on the society.

• British finance minister has recently favoured blockchain technology for resolving trade issues across the Irish border after Brexit. Do you think this government’s measure will further boost the technology in the UK?

I believe that’s a great sign and a very positive news for the technology as considered by the British Finance Minister specially in the trade, and supply chain industry. Also, it is the fact that the British Parliament has already recognized Blockchain as a very important and disruptive technology. We have seen in the past how British and Italian consumers were conned by the “agro-mafia” from Italy by selling Soyabean and Olive oil as extra Virgin Olive oil. Some of the countries also accounted of having more Olive oil imports than what Italians were producing. Thus, the blockchain technology can help bring back the trust, traceability, and security in supply chain.

• In your opinion, blockchain or cryptocurrency- which is the one that is here to stay?

Just like AI and IoT, Blockchain is a great technology, which is beyond Bitcoin. It is here to bring to bring transparency, security, and an increased efficiency in our day-to-day life. It got its biggest limelight just because of the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Altcoins. I believe, no matter what the future holds for the cryptocurrencies, business and enterprises will still use Blockchain as a part of their service with a bigger vision. We already have giants such as IBM, SAP, Accenture who have already seen the potential of blockchain, and products such as Hyperledger used by Walmart reduces food-tracing process from 6-days to mere seconds.

Cryptocurrencies on the other hand are in a big speculation, as many investors still see it as a gamble. Many have made big gains and losses through their transactions. We would have to wait until we get a stable coin and approved by the central banks as a valid mode of payments. But I still believe cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin will be an Asset in the future just like Gold.

• Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India is in all praise of the transformative power of blockchain technology that he publicly made at the 22nd edition of World Congress on Information Technology (WCIT). Can you share your views as to why the position of blockchain in India is better than cryptocurrencies?

Indian Government has been recently advocating and promoting digital economy which has many advantages in the long run. Certainly, Blockchain holds a big part in this Vision of Digital India. Embracing blockchain will not only benefit industries, but will also help generating new jobs, skills and further innovations in digital sector. I strongly believe if India adapts this technology quickly, it can easily become a global leader in Blockchain talent and solutions.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies are still in a speculation. Reserve Bank of India has few concerns with the cryptocurrencies if used for the criminal and illegal activities, also many of these cryptocurrencies hold no intrinsic value, questions have also come into light what if it reduces the value of rupee. Fortunately, we have started to see many cryptocurrencies are coming out where the exchange and businesses are doing their own due diligence with KYC/AML, backed by the value of an asset, security or commodity and properly regulated. I believe, as the market will mature and prove itself we will see a soft stance of regulators against cryptos.

• What is the future prospect of blockchain technology on a global standard?

Blockchain today maybe compared to the internet in the early 90s and we have witnessed how internet has changed our society. We are now in similar stage as Blockchain is in a very early stage, yet we are seeing at least 2,000 new blockchain startups every day. What I believe is we are not far where Blockchain will automate the contracts for us, AI will help us make better decisions and IoT will connect all those together. Already businesses have explored ways how Blockchain can revolutionize, and the top industries in which early adopters are going to be Banking and Financial Services, Logistics, Insurance, Governance.


Zeeshan’s Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/zeeshan-khan-adbits1/

Adbits: https://www.adbits.io