About Gavin:
LawTech consultant developing new services and business solutions for lawyers, seeking to support new and break-out legal start-ups. Oxford University Said Business School Blockchain Strategy Programme. Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Former senior lawyer in private practice, trained in-house. Specialist in litigation and alternative dispute resolution forums with experience in commercial, competition, construction and finance. Doctorate in Applied Chemistry. Masters and Bachelors in Engineering.

About aGenium:
aGenium is a LawTech Consultancy for the legal, professional services and technology sectors. From efficiency improvements in eDisclosure projects to c-level strategic advisory, from problem finding for technology start-ups to blockchain applications, we work at the intersection of law, technology and business. Our philosophy is that the process should never get in the way of execution. So if you want to streamline your business, legal processes or operations, save time and costs, whilst reinvigorating your teams to deliver a higher quality work product, increase performance and productivity, as well as job satisfaction, then contact us to see how we can help.
Website :http://www.agenium.co.uk