Anthony Di Iorio is a Canadian entrepreneur and one of the prominent figures in the crypto community.  He is a community manager and a guru in the field of decentralized technologies. He is known as a co-founder of Ethereum and was an early investor in Bitcoin. Anthony Di Iorio is the founder and CEO of the blockchain company Decentral. He also served as the first chief digital officer of the Toronto Stock Exchange. His efforts are felt heavily in Canada, as he is at the forefront of the Bitcoin Community in Canada.

1.Early life

Anthony Di Iorio grew up in Toronto, Ontario with his two older siblings. He began developing websites in the early 1990s. In Toronto he entered the rental housing market as an investor and landlord. In 2012 he sold his rental properties in order to invest in Bitcoin, and began to organize companies in the field of cryptocurrency.

2.Alma mater

Anthony is the alma mater of Ryerson University where he did his major in marketing and minor in international business.


When Anthony graduated he went into marketing, and did it for a couple years, but he didn’t like it. He felt that he was not enjoying his workplace and so he decided to quit that marketing job, and he started producing music. He liked all kind of music be it electronic, house, trance, he even use to DJ at clubs in Toronto. That was his way of taking time off and finding himself; he didn’t work for some time.

 4.Reason to look for an alternative

Anthony was in his family business, which was manufacturing sliding patio-door, he learnt a lot about business from here, but the business was sold in 2008. Anthony wanted to go into something tech-focused and green, so he went into geothermal drilling. He got a massive drill from Italy and started doing Ikea buildings, heating and cooling them by drilling holes into the ground and moving dirt. This was in 2010-2011.

 It was at this time that the financial crisis decimated the real estate industry, which got Anthony worried and he decided to study economics, as he was interested in sound money and wanted to determine what the real problem was. He was studying an alternative way of viewing Economics and he began to understand the true concept of money and how it really worked.

5.What got him 2 crypto

Anthony heard about Bitcoin in 2012 and he thought this was more important than the internet. He bought his first bitcoin the day he heard of it. Anthony got the concept of Bitcoin from the very beginning and did not hesitate to involve himself immensely in Bitcoin. With his computer background, knowledge of decentralized systems likes Bittorrent and Napster, and the economic theory that he had been learning, and then entrepreneurship helped him to understand the concept. Anthony’s formal involvement with digital currencies began as early as 2013 when he served as a founding member and executive director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. It is a well-known Bitcoin company that is known for their ATMs, wallet, and other services in the digital currency system and is an innovation hub for disruptive and decentralized technologies. It is also home to Canada’s first two-way Bitcoin ATM. The organization looked to bolster Bitcoin’s status amongst Canadians and promote awareness about the industry’s merits.

 6.Toronto Bitcoin Meetup

In 2012, Anthony founded the Toronto Bitcoin Meeting in Toronto with the purpose of looking for a community.  It was here that he met Vitalik Buterin. When he started the Toronto Bitcoin Meetup group, Vitalik was at the first meetup and gradually the meetups grew from eight people, to dozens and to hundreds of people.


7.Co-founder of Ethereum

Anthony was among the eight co-founders of Ethereum In 2014. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs on smart contracts. Vitalik showed Anthony Ethereum’s white paper and he decided to fund Ethereum and the legal counsel that was hired from proceeds from his prior enterprises before the coin went public.

 By 2017, Ethereum had become the backbone of the boom in initial coin offerings, allowing blockchain projects to seamlessly raise money from around the world.

8.Building wallets

Anthony started building wallets in 2013; he understood that the wallet would be what the browser is for the internet. The browser allows one to view information, and the wallet is how one can manage and move value. Anthony’s wallet was called Kryptokit.



According to Forbes, Anthony Di Iorio’s hard work and belief in crypto has made him one of the 20 wealthiest people in crypto. He is on Forbes list of the Richest People in Cryptocurrency because of his entire blockchain and cryptocurrencies investments.

10.Launching Decentral

Anthony is the CEO and founder of Decentral, the Toronto based blockchain project which aims to be a hub for innovative decentralized projects. Decentral launched in Toronto on New Year’s Day in 2014, alongside Toronto’s first ever Bitcoin ATM. Decentral organized the Bitcoin Expo 2014, it claimed to have been the largest digital currency event in Canada at the time. One of its most successful projects to-date is Jaxx; a digital currency wallet that supports multiple currencies.


Developed by Decentral, Jaxx is the multi-currency wallet founded by Anthony Di Iorio. Jaxx was developed in February 2016 and is a leading digital wallet which supports up to seven different cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin. Anthony is the president of Jaxx.

Jaxx promises to deliver an easy-to-use interface with strong security which prevents hacking and keeps money safe. The wallet is easily accessible, as users can access coins with extreme ease. If there is any issue the users can access the company as it is transparent. In March 2018, Jaxx surpassed 1.2 million downloads, making Jaxx one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency wallet.

12.Other Ventures and events

Anthony has been involved in other notable things, apart from blockchain technology.

Anthony held the Bitcoin Expo 2014 in Canada.

In 2015, he was a lecturer at the University of Nicosia’s  Master’s Program on Digital Currency, the largest university in Cyprus.

In January 2016, he was made Chief Digital Officer at the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

He was an Adjunct Professor at the University Of Toronto Faculty Of Law teaching “Cryptocurrencies, Crypto Ventures and the Future of the Exchange.”

Since 2012 he has visited over 100 events related to cryptocurrency technologies, and have been the main speaker in many such events. 

 13.Job profile

Anthony has 3 current and 1 past job:

  • Past job includes Founder & Funder at Ethereum Foundation.

Current jobs are:

  • CEO & Founder at Jaxx.
  • CEO & Founderat Decentral.
  • CEO & Founder & CEOat KryptoKit

 14.Net worth

Anthony crypto net worth is around $750 million-$1 billion.

15.Anthony’s contribution

Anthony has played a major role in the world of Bitcoin by launching the second Bitcoin ATM (BTM) in the world, and the first Bitaccess machine in Toronto. He hosts the popular DEC_TECH (Decentralized Technologies) meetings every quarter. He has launched more than 10 companies and invested millions of dollars in numerous industries. In 2018, Anthony was the winner of the

  • EY emerging Entrepreneur Of The Year Award
  • Fin Tech Leader of the Year.

He even made it to Toronto’s Life list of the 50 Most Influential people in 2018.