They say ‘there’s nowhere you can be, that isn’t where you are meant to be.’

A renowned model, then a television actor, producer, and now a venture capitalist and a crypto investor. But the journey was not planned this way. Ashton Kutcher started as a biochemical engineer. But destiny had some other plans and Ashton clearly knows how to mould his own destiny.

He clearly won over his fans through his fantabulous performance in ‘that ‘70s show’ and was also named among ‘the 50 most beautiful people’ in people’s magazine that year.

As a producer, he created MTV’s hit reality show Punk’d which followed Beauty and the Geek and a series of more projects.

That’s not the end of flavours of this diversified personality. He has a keen bend of interest in the investment sector, preferably in the high-tech start-ups. Keep on counting start-ups, be it, Skype, forward, Aairbnb, Path,, Neighborly, Zenreach, Researchgate, Kapoor beauty, Lemonade, and more and more and more. His venture capital firm ‘A-grade investments’ has invested in more than 60 companies and is continuously growing.

We can talk about a whole lofty stuff about his acting and production projects and investment projects. But here we are going to talk about what makes him completely unique from his counterparts. His scrutiny, investments, you can say, his entire expedition in the ‘Cryptocurrency ecosystem’.

It all got disclosed during the ‘TechCrunch Disrupt conference’ in 2013 when Ashton showed his keen interest in the evolving ‘bitcoin revolution’. Though he showed his concern towards how drugs and ammunition trade could have been boosted through it but also was an anxious believer in basis of the decentralized technology. The early bird in the cryptocurrency world believed how the basis of the new currency could be highly beneficial in terms of cyber security and could In a way help governments controlling criminal activities as the people themselves can anonymously monitor each other.

Talking about his crypto investments, Kutcher is investing in crypto company ‘BitPay’ and in ‘Ripple’. Bitpay is a payment processor that allows the payments to merchants through Bitcoins And Bitcoin cash.

His strong belief in cryptocurrency can be demonstrated from those days when cryptocurrency was not of interest of everyone like it is today. He tweeted about Ethereum back in 2014, showing longing interest in decentralisation.

XRP, Ripple, being immensely popular not only as a cryptocurrency but also as a decentralised platform for payments and applications grabs the third position after Bitcoin’s and Ethereum.

His journey in the crypto world laid a new milestone when a few months after his tweet, he donated $4 million in Ripple’s XRP to the popular tv show host ‘Ellen DeGeneres’. This unique and may be the first of its kind donation was made for Ellen Degeners wildlife fund. He has been investing in ripple through his tech investment firm, sound ventures. He presented it as a gift for her coming 60th birthday and recalled as how he remembers her wife Portia de Rossi had planned this noble cause to save the gorillas of Rwanda. DeGeneres was left completely perplexed and brought to tears.

Being a complete Ripple fan, Ashton’s Sound Ventures also joined hands with ripple for their ‘ripple for good’ program. According to ripple ‘it is a corporate social impact program that will support mission driven organisations and initiatives with a potential to expand financial inclusion worldwide.’

His fan following has been adding flavour to his crypto journey and he has been using it well to make more people aware of this currency and its benefits.

Recently, his company has also invested in Robin Hood fintech company that has launched its robin hood crypto in the market.

Although not from an investment background or having any formal education of this sector, Kutcher has tremendously performed well and amassed himself considerable money to be in the millionaires list. What made him stand out of the crowd was his endless ability to listen and understand somebody and his inherent quality of working your guts out.

I think Bitcoins are becoming more and more relevant.

                                            -Ashton Kutcher