In Conversation with Ayumi Moore Aoki Founder Women in Tech, Founder & CEO Social Brain 

About Ayumi:
Founder of Women in Tech®. Founder and CEO of Social Brain. Digital Strategist, Social media expert, Art director, Web designer.

I grew up in an international and multicultural environment: born in Brazil, studied in South Africa, travelled and worked in many countries and now live in France. These experiences nourished me, opening up my vision and challenging me to think out of the box.

I currently lead Women in Tech®, an international organization whose aim is to bridge the gender gap and Help Women Embrace Tech.

I am also the founder and CEO of Social Brain, a human scale, award-winning digital agency based in Paris. Together with my international team we handcraft social media campaigns.

In another life I was the marketing & sales director of a French Group of Hotels & Casinos (Groupe Tahoe: 4 casinos, 2 hotels, 7 restaurants, 4 night clubs)


Women in Tech® is an international non-profit organization with a double mission: to close the gender gap and to help women embrace technology. The organization focuses on 4 primary areas that are a call for action: Education, Entrepreneurship, Events and Research.
The aim is to educate, equip and empower women and girls with the necessary skills to succeed in STEM career fields.
More than an organization, we are a movement representing all people – regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, sexual orientation, or disability status. We have members in over 60 countries.

Diverse tech and start-up teams are critical for innovation
Technology permeates every aspect of our society, defining the way we live, build products, work and more. Not only does technology drive our economy but it invents our future.
Women and girls represent half of the world’s population and therefore also half of its potential. But, today, their representation in the technology area is insufficient both in higher education as well as in the workforce landscape. For instance, only 1 in 4 computing graduates are girls and 26% of professional computing occupations were held by women in 20171. Since STEM careers are projected to be some of the most sought-after in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, there is an urgent need to build a pipeline of skilled women if we want them to play an active role in the sector.
The tech ecosystem must be representative of all populations in order for our future to be inclusive. Diversity is a key factor and we have to take action today if we want a systemic change.

The tech world is still a man’s world
In fact, one report published by McKinsey in 2016 showed that only 37% of the entry-level roles in tech companies were held by women. That number drops even further the higher up the business ladder you go, with women making up only 25% of senior management roles, and 15% of C-suite positions.
The need for skilled employees is more obvious than ever. However, the technology industry continues to restrict itself with a “boys club” image. We must add more women to the technology sector if we want them to play an integral role in the ecosystem and ultimately strengthen the industry as a whole.

The UN Sustainable development has set 17 goals to transform our World by 2030. Goal#5 is to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls. The tech field is one of its main targets.
Women in Tech® fully support the UN’s objective by engaging in different programs and actions:
• Education: Tech awareness and introduction at schools, coding camps, computer science programs, online bootcamps, scholarships.
• Entrepreneurship: mentoring, incubation and acceleration camps, networking
• Call for projects: identifying programs, finding solutions both local and global. Advocacy, think-tanks, Women in Tech® Challenge.
• Awards: international Women in Tech Awards

Our Vision
A world where every girl and woman has equal access to opportunities in STEM. In a rapidly changing world, science, technology, engineering and mathematics have already had profound impact on our daily lives. We believe that girls and women have much to contribute in these areas. By supporting them in their choice to pursue STEM education and careers, we are standing on the cusp of a major global shift in how we teach, study, work, do business and more.

Our Core Values
To bring about gender equality, men and women need to work together. The workplace should reflect the larger community, which means ideally it should be a place where people of all ages, nationalities and ethnic identities feel welcomed, valued and supported.
We are colleagues, not competitors, and work together for a common purpose. Our ability to collaborate on projects is one of our most important strengths.
Real change and growth can’t occur unless we are open to considering new ideas. Fresh concepts are always welcome, and will be treated with the utmost respect.
Women in Tech has set high goals for our organization. We fully expect to reach them, and have devised primary focus areas to help girls and women enter STEM fields and become successful in these careers:
• Women in Tech Projects and Challenges
• Helping Women Embrace Technology with Education
• Women in Technology and Entrepreneurship
• Women in Technology Awards
We bring our best effort to everything we do, with passion and energy. We encourage our staff, volunteers and others we interact with to engage in projects with enthusiasm wholeheartedly.

Our Mission
To close the gender gap in the STEM sector by helping girls and women embrace science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These subjects are not innately suited for one gender over another, and there is no rational reason why girls and women should not pursue career options in STEM if they choose.

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