Biggzi thank you very much for agreeing to appear on camera.

Thanks for having me. It’s a pleasure.

Pleasure for us as well, tell us a little bit about yourself?

Well obviously most people know me from the waves community, I’ve been active with waves and waste community for the past couple of years pretty much since their ICO. It’s a project that I have a huge passion for. I first got into blockchain about five six years ago, I started mining as lot of people did when they first got into Bitcoin, back in the days they started mining and that was a really interesting experience, I learned a lot, I learned a lot of pitfalls you get with things like mining I mean people go there and think this is the best thing since sliced bread, I can just mine digital gold for my computer they think that’s it but actually there’s a lot that comes along with it and the whole learning process of the equipment, machines, in the cooling so it was a really good learning curve and  that’s what really got me interested in Blockchain so yeah that’s kind of where I started and just moving into with waves and helping other projects and learn about waves so yeah it has been an interesting journey.


So to take it right back when you were young, is this something you ever imagined yourself getting into?

No, I would have never imagined I’d be where I am now, doing what I’m doing now. I mean when I was young I had an interest in computers and IT, at school that was all I was really interested in, college it was all I was interested in so I always kind of knew I’d go into a tech sort of role, tech sort of job, did a lot of work as a business analyst so  looking at businesses and how they use data, how they use IT and how it can be improved, so kind of when I found blockchain it was part of a natural fit. I had done a lot of work with data, databases before and I had done a lot of work where I look at companies processes and how they use technology and see ways they can improve it by implementing new types of technology. So when I found blockchain it was kind of like a perfect fit because I was like that’s great, this covers the business the technical sides of the whole kind of industries, that’s another thing that’s interesting in blockchain, blockchain doesn’t just affect one industry it effects the entire globe. So that’s very interesting where I’ve worked with projects and projects that are looking at working with artisans in Africa who have access to no internet and onboarding them into cryptocurrencies and blockchain all the way through to working with startups, working on the youth services, property and real estate so yeah it’s been really interested to me, lots to different people from different industries I think that’s a great for  blockchain it brings a lot of different industries together.


And you think it is going to change the world in a positive way, if so how?

Oh massively, I think blockchain is gonna have a huge impact on the world but I think people don’t realize how early we still are with this technology, when I explain to people like it’s the very early days of the Internet, the very first days when we first started to get web 1.0, website, static websites, before anyone had even thought of Twitter or YouTube or Facebook we didn’t even know what they were we’re still kind of there with blockchain but sort of things we’re going to use blockchain for on a day to day basis, might be 10 15 20 years away yet and the ideas haven’t even been thought of. Companies are still testing things they’re still trying things, are working out what does work what doesn’t work and you see big companies putting a lot of money into blockchain like IBM had a partnership with Maersk asked to do a whole logistic platform, they spent ages and really spend a lot of money on it and six months down the line pretty much scrapped it, it just shows you work people are still going through growing pains with blockchain we’re still trying to figure it all out, we’ve got this great new piece of technology but what we’re actually going to use it for on a day to day basis we’re still far from that yet. So it’s gonna get interesting but yeah we’re still so many years away from understanding it really.


So if there was no such thing as blockchain, what do you think you will be doing with your life?

I would probably be teaching actually, that’s what I was doing before, kind of my last full-time job I was doing, I was an IT teacher teach I was teaching IT, Don’t know how it happened I just kind of fell into the role and it was interesting I enjoyed it but I’m not pro on education system in this country it’s very antigrated, very dated and again an area where potentially blockchain help. Help students track grades, track their achievements and all these different areas I think we could potentially use blockchain for in the future, it’s not quite there yeah but one day hopefully and I think yeah if I hadn’t found Bitcoin and cryptocurrency I would probably still be a school teacher and not enjoying my job.

You used to teach IT, do you remember when you were a kid, what got you interested in technology? Do you remember the first Gameboy or first TV show that made you think I like technology?

It’s a very good question actually, I never really asked myself, I think I always had kind of an interest in computer games, any boy does growing up, I mean you are on your Playstation, your Super Nintendo but I think it was more just through school I found the Internet and it was when the internet was very first time, I’m kind of talking

98/99 so I was still quite young internet was live but I was just so fascinated , I was fascinated by the Internet and how it worked and that you could have all these information and pictures and videos shared from computer to computer, you could sit at home watch a video or something. I remember the first time I ever watched a streaming video online and I was just amazed by how that medium of information moved from one place in the world’s the other and I could be sitting at home. I think that’s really what sparked my creativity and I started web development about the age of 15, I started toying around with very old tools for creating websites literally just html that was it. That what really spot my interest in IT and computers was the birth of the internet.  


What was it like creating websites as a 15 yr old, did your friends think that was cool or was it, what’s this guy doing?

To be honest I had one mate who was actually a bit ahead of me his dad worked as web developer back then so he was picking out from his dad and then showing me stuff and it was just so basic about then, even I was so impressed with when I just got a webpage up and I manage to make an image as a background with nice border and had the text over it, I felt like I’d achieved so much that it was a live website I was like this is on the internet for everybody out there to see, yeah I think that was just that was really interesting just learning it and I never really had any issues with anybody thinking of me as geek or learning this stuff about the internet and computers and things like that I think there were at the time quite jealous because they could see that there was a future there and they were like are you always going to do well because you know computers. I was an assumption that if you knew computers at that age you do well, so yeah I was into it, the one thing I struggle with is that I never found anything that I really wanted to specialise in, so as with most people working in IT they specialize in something, they are networking engineer or a web developer or graphic designer. I have pretty much done a bit of everything over the years from the whole creative side of web development to animation this video editing, doing risk analysis, business strategies and balance sheets and so from the whole and all the way to the technical side, setting up web servers, networks and Active Directory and that’s pretty much done a bit of everything and I’ve never kind of pinned myself down to one area of IT and I think that’s why when I found blockchain it was quite good because I could understand from the whole business perspective how it could operate I could understand the whole technical side of it. I understand from a creative side I could kinda see how it all could fit into different business and industries something that played quite well for me.


Do you have any of your own ideas  around Blockchain, Do you imagine yourself starting your own company?

I think as with everyone who is involved in Blockchain thinks that they got an idea, I’ve had so many ideas that, great blockchains is gonna solve that problem perfect, but when you start really delving into it or researching it so many projects I’ve worked with have come to me, we want to use blockchain but love to work with waves to use blockchain and can you come and look at our business and tell us how we can use it and nine out of ten I end up going you don’t actually need blockchain, after looking at their business model it’s even not either quite ready there, or they are literally just implementing blockchain for the sake of it, so I think when you delve into a lot of use cases you find quite quickly that one the technology is not there we don’t blockchain in the first place but you do often find the little spark that you find an industry or a business and think perfect, blockchain is perfect. I think industries like real estate especially not just investment in real estate, I think human real estate and the whole process of procuring real estate especially in the UK is so dated and it’s antiquated, everyone works in silos no information is shared easily and you can see that I mean I went for the process of buying a house few years back and it was just so long-winded it was just so much paperwork and odd forms, processes that haven’t changed in 20 30 or even longer years and I think that key areas like that blockchain could really help and solve a lot of issues and like we saw tonight in our presentation there, gaming as well the whole gaming community so many benefits there for games and a lot of other areas but yeah there’s a lot of key areas I think where they’re excited to use blockchain and it’s just not quite ready for.


Satoshi Nakamoto, how do you imagine him or she or they in your mind what they look like?

I get the feeling, I mean I don’t like to say it but the government have offed him, there is no Satoshi Nakamoto anymore, they’ve done away with him but I get the feeling that he’s actually more than one person it’s not just a single man on his own I get the feeling it was maybe a couple of people going by using the same login same pseudonym but I kind of expected to maybe be a group of quite young probably 20 to 30 year old guys, don’t know it’s a really good question it’s a really good question maybe it’s a woman maybe they don’t exist, maybe it is the FBI pretending to be him, pretending the bitcoins were given to us as a gift, really it’s a trick. Nobody really knows.

Its you isn’t it?

It might be, shhh! Don’t tell anyone.


So few fun questions, to finish off, what’s your favorite movie?

I have to say Bad Boys 2, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence smashed it cant wait for Bad Boys 3 to come out, that will be awesome.


What’s your favorite place in the world?

London of course. definitely no, favorite place in the world would probably be London or Italy, I love Italy, I love going to Italy, you see the people, the food is amazing, I would love to spend more time in Italy, but they don’t talk a lot of English and their technology is bit backward for me so I would stick with London.