Brendan Blumer is an American tech entrepreneur based in Asia. He is   the founder of, a digital property agency. He started investing in blockchain when it started and later in 2016 he fully involved himself and co-founded Since 2001, he has been building disruptive technology companies; he started Gamecliff, a company that automated the valuation, purchase, and resale of in-game items in the world’s largest online video games.

Now let us talk about 15 things you did not know about Brendan :

1.Early life

Brendan Blumer was raised in Cedar Rapids, lowa. He attended Linn-Mar High School in Marion. When he was in college, he worked at Starbucks. He had a great interest in massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).


2. In business since kid

A high school student in Cedar Rapids, at the age of 15, he started his first business selling magic swords and armour used in online role-playing games like World of Warcraft.

3.Developed a website Gamecliff

He developed a website Gamecliff, in which sale of items and characters from different online multiplayer gaming spaces was done. Gamecliff was bought by Internet Gaming Entertainment (now IMI Exchange). On finishing his secondary education in 2005, IGE relocated him to Hong Kong. IGE witnessed a handsome profit under Brendan, $5 million per annum business.

Did you know he started Gamecliff with a loan of $1000 which he took from his grandmother Nancy Piel.


After working for two years at IGE, Brendan started a new venture which established a name in the market and became the world’s largest game-account selling website. Its monthly revenue exceeded $1 million within three months of the company’s formation.

In 2010, Brendan started in Hong Kong which helped real estate agents who were directly employed by the company by building real estate enterprise software. The software platform combined proprietary CRM and Property Database to support an entirely mobile virtual office for real estate agents in Asia.

In 2011, merged with the real estate division of Asia Pacific Properties, which is well established in residential brokerage for over 25 years in Hong Kong. has built a name for itself as the most advanced agency technology wise. has grown to be Hong Kong’s largest digital property agency and is used by nearly all brokers in the country to find accurate property listings.


In 2013, a team of teach entrepreneurs was formed by Brendan to create ii5, a software development company which specialised in Asian markets. It concentrated on providing software solutions in Asian real estates. It was a start-up dedicated to real-estate listings in India.

The company aimed at training and supporting Indian realtors in software development for real estate.

7.Interest in Cryptocurrency.

Brender said that his interest in cryptocurrency started in 2016. He made some investments in the digital assets market and after that his interest in the underlying developing blockchain technology turned into a passion. He said that blockchain could emerge as “the next, more secure iteration of the internet.”

In 2016, Brenden met software programmer Daniel Larimer. They together in 2017 formed, which is an open source software publishing company which specialises in high performance blockchain technologies. ICO

Brendan started ICO; it is similar to an initial public offering. Investors get tokens backed by the cryptocurrency instead of shares.  When was just two year old ICO helped in raising $4 billion.

10. Brendan criticized Bitcoin for its “huge scaling limitations”

Brendan criticized Bitcoin for having a slow transaction time, low transaction per second, and a high cost per transaction. He said that the Bitcoin network was constrained because it could only process about 3 transactions per second (TPS). These factors represented “huge scaling limitations. Meanwhile, he also clarified that he loved Bitcoin, but that was not going to help it become “fast or cheap.”

He does believe that in the long-term Bitcoin has what it takes to succeed in terms of achieving mass adoption.

11. created software developed EOS.IO, which is a blockchain platform whose aim was to provide decentralised application hosting, smart contract capability and a decentralised storage with the intention of solving failure issues faced by other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. helped EOS to become one of the most successful ICOs; it is currently the 4th blockchain in value of capitalisation. To avoid regulatory complications, EOS’ coin sale was not open to people in the U.S. or China.

12. Net worth

His net worth as of September 2019 is valued at $1 Million- $5 Million (Approx).

13. Has been a speaker at various events.

Brendan has spoken at various events like:

  • Consensus NYC 2017.
  • London Fintech Week.
  • CLSA Investor’s Forum.
  • Forbes Global CEO Conference.
  • Blockchain Live 2017.
  • Web Summit.
  • Milken Institute’s Summit.
  • Cointelegraph’s Blockshow Asia
  • DC Blockchain Summit 2019.

14. introduced voice

In June 2019, introduced Voice; a blockchain based social media application designed with users of the platform in mind. Voice is a transparent social media platform where the value of content would be used to sustain the community. It meant that all the contents that would be published and recorded would be public.

The Voice is built on the EOS Public Blockchain, as it runs on the EOSIO protocol it means that as the interactions would be public it would have transparency as a core part of the experience.

15. Brendan said Blockchain would lead to social revolution and transform governments.

In the fourth DC Blockchain Summit 2019, Brendan talked about blockchain technology and said that it would lead to social revolution and would turn governments into development platforms.

At the military level, he felt the security that blockchain provided would solve a lot of problems related to national security. Blockchain closes many security loopholes which the government has to worry about today.