Old but Gold background news

1) TVzavr’s MoviesChain Wins Russian Blockchain Media Award

Decentralized film distribution platform MoviesChain by TVzavr picked up a gong on Wednesday in the category for best use of digital technologies in the media space, at the Blockchain Economics Awards held by the Russian Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain (RACIB).

A resident of the country’s Skolkovo Foundation, the MoviesChain platform enables filmmakers to independently put their new material online for viewing, reducing marketing and distribution costs.

The award took place at the BlockchainRF Congress and MoviesChain’s win comes ahead of a planned token sale for the platform’s internal currency /ZVR, which will begin in May. The host of the Blockchain Economics Awards, Alexander Lyubimov stated: “The industry is on the rise, the choice of nominees is not accidental. Everything is honest and transparent here. As it should be in blockchain.”

2) Netflix-Style VR Platform Terra Virtua Launches at London’s BAFTA

Virtual Reality (VR) games and entertainment platform Terra Virtua on Thursday debuted its platform in London, with a presentation of the games and publishers that will support the public launch of its Netflix-style subscription service.

At a showcase event held at the headquarters of the British Academy for Film & Television Arts (BAFTA ) in London’s Piccadilly Circus, Terra Virtua switched on the platform for public play for the first time, showcasing some of the latest VR-based games and other augmented reality (AR) experiences that users can choose from.

3) Zilliqa Launches Sharding Enabled Testnet Focused on Blockchain Scalability

Zilliqa, the first public testnet to implement sharding technology, was released on Tuesday. Sharding is the cornerstone of blockchain scaling efforts across multiple different protocols.  Developed by a research team at the National University of Singapore, the Zilliqa testnet already claims to have achieved speeds of 2,000 transactions per second across 1,000 nodes.

The testnet release is accompanied by a fully functional block explorer with a user-friendly interface and rich data including block rate, number of peers, transaction rate, and the ability to view specific blocks, addresses, and transactions in real time, according to a statement. The Zilliqa team is also developing a new, more secure intermediate smart contract language called Scilla, that can be used to run distributed applications on the Zilliqa and other blockchain networks.

Zilliqa CEO Xinshu Dong said, in a statement, “This is a tremendous milestone for Zilliqa but also for blockchain technology as a whole. It is incredibly challenging to create a high transaction rate blockchain while maintaining the security and decentralization of the system, but we feel we have made a breakthrough with what we have achieved. The team behind Zilliqa is made up of some of the brightest minds in blockchain, business, and finance, and what we have built is extraordinary, but it is just a small step compared with the potential our technology has.”

4) Record-Breaking Facebook Competitor, Minds Launches Crypto Social Network

A decentralized social networking app, Minds announced on Friday the official launch of its Crypto Social Network. With user rights at the core of its every business decision, Minds claims its blockchain-based network provides transparency and autonomy and allows control of user data as well as HD video and image hosting, live group conversations, and a blogging network. The company claims to have gained 1,500+ investors in a record-breaking SEC Regulation CF equity-crowdfunding to become community-owned. 

Bill Ottman of Minds.com said, in a statement, “This is the next logical and exciting evolution in creating more open, cooperative business models in mainstream social media. We’re especially thrilled about the progress we’ve made in creating a more transparent and democratic ad network that runs completely differently from existing models by directly connecting advertisers and publishers.”


5) MTRAC to Launch Blockchain Payment Platform for Cannabis Industry

MoneyTrac Technology, a subsidiary of Global Payouts Inc., today launched its blockchain-based banking solution, MTRAC. MTRAC will provide a full-service banking solution powered by GreenBox blockchain technology, targetting the unbanked and, in particular, the legal cannabis industry in California and other states that have recently legalized recreational use of the substance.

MTRAC CEO Vanessa Luna said, in a statement, “The goal of MTRAC, from the beginning, has been to leverage the different technologies available to us to remove the use of cash as the primary form of payment throughout the cannabis industry. While other companies have struggled to find supportive financial solutions, MTRAC opted to take a different approach and one that has relied heavily on the use of blockchain technology to address this problem for a massive and growing industry. I am extremely excited to see MTRAC, our payment solution, officially launch next week. Once this happens, I am confident that every dispensary desiring legitimacy and transparency will jump on board and provide us with a number of new clients to serve.”


Republished with permission from the wonderful guys at www.the-blockchain.com