Old but Gold background news

1) Neufund Joins Malta in Developing Tokenized Security Ecosystem

Blockchain-based equity fundraising platform Neufund announced last week that it plans to support Maltese initiatives to develop an ecosystem on the island and expedite the technology’s adoption in the banking industry. Neufund enables companies to raise funds and tokenize shares of their business on the blockchain.

The Berlin-based company has completed several raises for experienced VCs using the Neufund platform, including Frank Thelen, Freigeist and Christophe Maire, Atlantic Labs, and Innogy, and has received contributions from over 1,000 investors to date, according to its statement,

CEO and Co-Founder of Neufund Zoe Adamovicz said, “Looking at Malta’s vision and progress in creating a complete blockchain ecosystem, we have decided to engage our know-how and offer support in building the blockchain future of this progressive thinking EU member state. Together with Malta’s Government, we want to kick-start the creation of crypto-friendly laws with Malta’s DLT framework initiative already serving as a great foundation. And we hope to influence a positive change in the banking industry with other upcoming projects. We are impressed by the deep understanding and openness shown by Malta’s Government that serves as a great example to regulators all over the world being a live example that actions and official statements speak louder than words.”

2) S. Korea’s RecordFarm Eyes Music Industry Disruption with RCD Token

Singapore-based RECORD Foundation is looking to disrupt the music industry with its RecordFarm reward-based platform and /RCD token, which it claims will put power in the hands of musicians and create direct relationships between fans and artists.

According to a press release Tuesday, RECORD Foundation will give both established and independent music artists an alternative to problems with copyright, royalty payments and artist agreements in a music industry that has, up to now, been led by massive record labels and agencies.

When artists upload their music to RECORD Foundation’s audio blockchain platform, users will have the option to make purchases with /RCD tokens; smart contracts will instantly delegate royalty payments to the proper copyright holder(s), rebalancing the leverage from traditional middlemen like labels, publishers and collecting societies, according to the company.

3) Bottos Launching AI Data Sharing Marketplace for Low Cost Data

Another AI blockchain project is taking shape with Bottos the latest company to connect artificial intelligence companies and data providers in an online marketplace, which it expects to drastically reduce the cost of acquiring data.

The announcement in a press release last week said the new P2P data sharing network is designed to drive innovation in artificial intelligence, ultimately creating a new decentralized AI ecosystem.

Bottos said it is currently recruiting companies to join its community, as it enters the final testing phase of its data marketplace and Bottos 3.0 is expected to be fully operational by the end of May.

“Our goal for the Bottos Data Maketplace is to create the largest global data sharing network to revolutionize the AI field,” said co-founder Xin Song in a statement. “That will be the first step in building the infrastructure for AI development with blockchain technology, eventually creating a new decentralized AI ecosystem.”


4) Eximchain Reveals YOOsourcing Partnership, Launches Supply Chain Testnet


MIT founded startup Eximchain announced on Monday a new partnership with YOOsourcing, a platform that enables buyers to verify suppliers’ authenticity. Emimchain also revealed a new private testnet running on 250 machines across 16 global regions. The announcement follows Eximchain’s successful funding round last month where the organization raised USD 20 million from strategic contributors including INBlockchain, Hashed, and FBG Capital.

Founded at MIT in 2015, Eximchain (short for export import on blockchain) is building a digital blockchain platform to bring supply chains into the 21st century by reducing barriers, increasing coordination, and instilling trust in cross-border transactions.

The Eximchain private testnet is built using Quorum, the blockchain built for the financial sector that supports private smart contracts, and will be open to the public after the completion of scalable infrastructure testing for developing decentralized supply chain applications.

5) WISeKey Teams Up with Soul Machines to Develop Humanlike Bot for Security Q&A

Cybersecurity and internet of things (IoT) company WISeKey and Soul Machines, a New Zealand -based artificial intelligence (AI) company, on Wednesday announced their collaboration on INeS, a new Security Digital Human. The bot is designed to answer questions on security and IoT issues.

Similar in appearance to other Soul Machines-designed Digital Humans, viewable on the company’s YouTube page (and in the image above), INeS connects with WISekey’s cybersecurity platform, which is designed for large-scale blockchain, AI and IoT applications and based on standard technologies, according to the company.

The technology behind INeS is intended to integrate WISeKey cybersecurity with Soul Machines’ emotionally responsive artificial humans and integrates with IBM Watson.


Republished with permission from the wonderful guys at www.the-blockchain.com