1) Kingdom Trust Launches Lloyd’s of London-Insured Qualified Custody Platform for Digital Currency

Kingdom Trust, the first regulated financial institution to offer qualified custody for digital asset investments like Bitcoin and Ethereum, has secured insurance for digital assets held on its qualified custody platform through one of the world’s most respected insurers, Lloyd’s of London. The insurance, which was successfully placed by broker SDBIC, marks a solid resolve for institutional investors seeking to enter the crypto marketplace.

“Qualified custody by a regulated, insured financial institution is a top priority and critical hurdle for institutions to invest in the digital asset markets,” says Matt Jennings, CEO  of Kingdom Trust. “By adding another trusted specialist like Lloyd’s to our platform, we’re ensuring that current and future clients will have access to a highly-secure, complete safekeeping solution tailored to meet the challenges of institutional finance.”

2) Abele Group USA Announces Submission of Confidential Reg A+ Filing for Initial Coin Offering with SEC

The Abele Group USA, LLC, an international financial technology company plans to launch a digital custodian for the token economy. They recently announced that it has submitted a confidential filing on Form 1-A with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) pursuant to Regulation A+ for its proposed initial coin offering (“ICO”). The Abele Group seeks to become the first company to be qualified by the SEC to conduct an ICO  under Regulation A+.

“The Abele Group is launching one of the world’s first digital custodians, and is committed to doing so in accordance with applicable rules and regulations,” said Phil Woods, CEO of The Abele Group. “We’re one of the first groups to submit a filing with the SEC for an ICO under Regulation A+, and following the SEC’s review process, we believe that the Abele Group may be the first ICO qualified by the SEC.”

3) Africa-based Startup Treon Determined to Bring the True Value of Blockchain in the Developing World

Treon (TXO), provider of a “Utilities Token” that securely and seamlessly enables consumers around the world, including the unbanked, to easily manage and pay for their telecom, energy, and water usage, recently delivered a keynote presentation at Bloconomic: Blockchain Economic Summit in Kuala Lumpur, before an audience of technical and financial leaders and related press.

The keynote was presented by Khaled Khorshid, Co-Founder | Technology and Hesham El Metainy Co-Founder | Strategy & Commercial for Treon and described their goal of realizing the true value of blockchain technology where it is most needed – in emerging economies throughout the world and in making utilities payments easy and secure even for the world’s 1.7 billion unbanked mobile users.

“Investors and blockchain experts are looking for evidence of where blockchain will change the world, but they often skip over the people that need this groundbreaking, decentralized, security of transactions the most,” Khorshid said. “In societies where high-speed internet access is already the standard, currencies are stable, and secure transactions are readily made online, blockchain can bring improvements, but it is not truly revolutionary to what is available to users. In emerging economies, blockchain startups like Treon truly can change and improve lives.”

4) PwC survey: 84% of companies now using blockchain, so what does the future hold?

Off the back of the release of PwC’s Global Blockchain Survey 2018, which highlighted that 84% of companies are now incorporating blockchain technology at some level, experts in the space — including Shiv Malik of Streamr, David Hanson of Ultra, and Manuel Martin of Orvium — address the ‘hype’ around blockchain, challenges facing the industry, and what the future holds for this nascent technology.

Shiv Malik, Head of Strategy and Communications at blockchain-backed data platform Streamr says:

“People are both over and underestimating the change blockchain will have on their particular vertical. There has been plenty of hype and investment in the last few years about the potential of blockchain but the tangible results of those investments are yet to procure world changing applications – certainly not outside of Fintech. It is unsurprising to see that financial services are seen to be leading the blockchain revolution at 46%, vastly outweighing other industries like retail and consumer at a mere 4%. Of course, that doesn’t mean it won’t come – it has to. People’s expectations, not of what can be achieved but how fast it should be achieved, need to be tempered so that the imminent transition is as seamless as possible and we can all appreciate the benefits.”  

5) Windmill Enterprise Joins The Linux Foundation

Leading information technology company Windmill Enterprise, developer of the Cognida platform, today announced it has joined The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and industry adoption.

n addition to its Linux Foundation membership, Windmill will participate in EdgeX Foundry, a vendor-neutral open source project that supports a common IoT edge framework  enabling an ecosystem of plug-and-play components that unifies the marketplace and makes it easier for developers to build, deploy, run and scale IoT solutions for industrial, enterprise and consumer applications. Windmill is also committed to participating in the LF Networking (LFN) community, which unites seven top networking projects to increase harmonization across platforms, communities and ecosystems.

“We share a vision with The Linux Foundation, from our views on Industrial IoT and general open telecom infrastructure solutions to overall innovator empowerment,” said Michael Hathaway, CEO of Windmill Enterprise. “As such, we created Cognida as a blockchain agnostic platform to offer a suite of enterprise-class security solutions that accelerate adoption of IIoT platforms like The Linux Foundation’s EdgeX Foundry into enterprises. Windmill will continue to forge ahead with our collaborators to provide the tools for enterprises to adopt sensible and practical, open source IIoT and blockchain security solutions. With our membership, we look forward to collaboration with The Linux Foundation and its other members.”


Republished with permission from the wonderful guys at www.the-blockchain.com