1) Muzika Attracts Industry Leaders in Korean Music and Tech Scene to Advisory Board

Muzika, which aims to use blockchain technology to revolutionize the music industry, has correctly identified its home court advantage: Korea is already a global powerhouse in the music and tech industries, which are positioned to continue expanding rapidly in the next few years. Amidst the dizzying list of projects emerging in Korea, one startup is notable for its enlistment of strong advisory support from industry leaders.

Muzika has attracted key advisors at the forefront of the Korean technology and music entertainment industries to its advisory board. On the tech side, Muzika has recruited former C-Suite level executives affiliated with top tech, manufacturing and investment companies in Korea. The company’s senior advisor Yoonwoo Lee is the former CEO of Samsung Electronics, a global smartphone company with a market share that just exceeded 20% in 2018. Minsik Cho (Business Development Advisor) and Joonkee Hong (Finance Advisor), are outside board directors at affiliated Kakao corporation companies.

2) Former VP of Tesla Joins Solo Energy to Advise Development of its Virtual Power Plant Technology

The former Tesla VP of EMEA, Ben Hill has teamed up with Solo Energy as its Commercial and Technical Advisor. Ben will help bring Solo Energy towards achieving its vision of a 100 percent renewable energy future by making solar and wind power more viable through the creation of Virtual Power Plants.

Solo’s advanced FlexiGrid cloud platform, which has been in development since 2016, operates these assets in partnership with energy suppliers. As battery storage locations will be distributed across thousands of residential and commercial premises, it has a further benefit of reducing the burden on the national electricity distribution grid because energy is generated, stored and consumed locally.

Renewable power generation from solar photo voltaic (PV) and wind energy is highly variable, and coping with this variability traditionally requires using non-renewable power plants as a backup. Solo Energy’s solution is to install small-scale batteries and V2G (electric Vehicle to Grid) technology in homes and offices, and to combine them into Virtual Power Plants which can to be intelligently switched on to supply electricity when demand exceeds generating capacity.

3) Evident Proof Passes Smart Contract Audit with a 100 Percent Score

Evident Proof, the platform that leverages the Ethereum blockchain to provide immutable evidence of the provenance of data records, has passed its smart contract audit by renowned audit experts Hosho – scoring a 100% rating for its testable code.

It’s a huge endorsement from the global leader in blockchain technology security — which has awarded a score that far exceeds the industry standard.

Smart contract audits are crucial because live code deployed on the blockchain can be difficult to rectify. However, many blockchain projects fail to complete a audit.

Matt Roden, Evident Proof CTO, said: “We’re delighted to receive this endorsement from Hosho of our impeccable software development standards. We believed before this audit that our protocol was close to flawless. But we know our customers need transparency to put their trust in us for such an important service.

4) Blockchain Platform Orbs Marks Strategic Expansion Into South Korea

Hybrid blockchain scaling base-layer protocols company Orbs, has announced that it has established a partnership with Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of leading South Korean internet company Kakao, for research, development, and business cooperation.

Orbs has also opened headquarters in Seoul – with five full-time employees hired to drive further business development in the Asian region.

Orbs’ Branching out into South Korea, a leading global blockchain hub, demonstrates a commitment to tapping into the country’s significant blockchain talent to spearhead technical innovation in the space worldwide.

Orbs will collaborate with Ground X to conduct research and development on shared blockchain components, such as a crypto library, mutual security audits, and autonomous swaps, an advancement that would facilitate decentralized interoperability of cryptocurrency assets. Additionally, the two teams will compose joint research papers and conduct peer review on code vital to the core development initiatives of both blockchain infrastructures. Orbs and Ground X will also support one another’s business development. This work will be complemented by the opening of Orbs’ Seoul headquarters this month. The new location has hired five full-time employees to manage marketing and community relations efforts, in addition to strategic partnerships and business development work.

5) PlayChip Ecosystem Hits One Million Global Users – Online Gamers Embracing Cryptocurrency

Universal Gaming Token PlayChip, has just announced that its combined user count has hit 1 million, a milestone they had initially forecasted surpassing in December.

The PlayChip Ecosystem’s one million users are located across over 70 countries, with particularly high traction in India, Australia, United Kingdom, and the USA. When the blockchain-enabled platform goes live on December 19, each of these users will be able to easily participate in seven different online gaming platforms that include sports betting, casino games, eSports and Daily Fantasy Sports.

The success of the PlayChip is indicative of a new trend of reverse ICOs in the cryptocurrency market. Reverse-ICOs refers to existing businesses who tokenize the economy of their user base, unlike traditional token offerings that generally lack a working product and users. Following the success of the Telegram ICO, the PlayChip represents one of the first in this new wave of reverse token offerings.

“PlayChip is truly a unique token offering because while others write white papers about potential audiences and hypothetical use cases, PlayChip is well positioned with a very active global audience on multiple platforms that are already part of the PlayChip family,” Luke Lombe, Head of Blockchain with PlayChip said.


Republished with permission from the wonderful guys at www.the-blockchain.com