1) Alliance between Fidelity & Blockchain Start-up Building Block REIT

A strategic alliance between Fidelity National Title and Building Block REIT was announced  today.  The alliance will cooperate their respective marketing and sales efforts in the greater Chicago market and will join in pursueing client opportunities.

Both companies are expected to extend their capabilities by leveraging their combined strengths to deliver greater value to their clients in the purchase and sale of multi-family, office space and mixed-use commercial real estate.

“As a leading provider in the title industry, Fidelity National Title is excited to be partnering with Building Block REIT and integrate our expertise along with our products and services into their platform. The technology Building Block REIT is bringing to the commercial investment space is unique and this is an opportunity for Fidelity to provide innovative products specific to our partnership that will provide a high level of service to all the parties in the transaction.” Kim Long Vice President Operations, Fidelity National Title.

2) European Parliamentarians Propose EU-Wide ICO Regulatory Framework

The EU Parliament’s The All-Party Innovation Group of has drafted a proposal to examine potential new rules that would bring ICOs within the scope of an EU-wide crowdfunding regulation that is currently being drafted. If the European Parliament green lights the proposal, this would mean a common EU-wide regulation and standards for ICOs, which would allow startups to raise funds using tokens and trade in the EU.

According to analysts Hogan Lovells, The proposal to bring ICOs within the crowdfunding regulation was first introduced by UK MEP Ashley Fox.

More from Hogal Lovells:

“Among other things, Fox called for a cap of €8 million on token sale proceeds, anti-money laundering and know-your-customer requirements, as well as recommending that state authorities oversee the new system together with their own national rules.

He also recommended that “project owners” behind ICOs should provide a “key investment information sheet” to potential investors, containing a wide range of disclosures, from details of the identity, legal status and contact details of the project owner to detailed information on the platform, controls for risks management, how much money is being raised and what happens if the target is not reached.

3) Former Prime Minister of Estonia Becomes New Chairman of Blockchain Startup Lympo
Estonian Blockchain startup Lympo, a dynamic new company that rewards sports enthusiasts for completing fitness challenges on its app, has pulled the former Prime Minister of Estonia, Taavi Rõivas, to their team and he will be joining as the new chairman of the company’s Supervisory Board.

“Lympo’s mission is one that I can easily relate to,” said Taavi Rõivas. “I ran my first marathon because of a challenge and have been a passionate runner ever since. I have seen many startups and know well that the key to success is to have a great team. Lympo’s team is one of the most inspiring, and I am certain that Lympo has huge potential.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Taavi Rõivas on board as the chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lympo,” said Ada Jonuse, CEO and co-founder of Lympo. “His position as a figurehead in the political and tech world will help share Lympo’s vision on how blockchain and data can help transform the fitness and healthy lifestyle industry.”

4) Warhol Goes Crypto – Multi Million Dollar Group Sale to 100 Participants Using Blockchain-Fueled Maecenas Platform

Andy Warhol’s 14 Small Electric Chairs (1980), has been sold to 100 qualified participants on Maecenas, an art investment platform built on blockchain, in the private beta launch of the platform. This is the first time that a multi-million dollar artwork has been tokenized and sold.

The cryptocurrency auction attracted over 800 sign-ups within weeks which far surpassed expectations and was driven with a partnership with London-based fine art gallery called the Dadiani Syndicate.

Marcelo García Casil, CEO of Maecenas, said:

“This is a historical moment, for us and for the blockchain community. We have achieved a significant milestone that marks the beginning of a new era. Tokenisation of assets is the most prominent and exciting use case of blockchain technology, and we’re proud to be pioneers in this space. This Warhol painting is the first of many more to come and we are looking forward to seeing and leading the financial revolution for the art market.”

5) Credits and Lenovo to join forces on the Internet of Things

Credits and technology giant  Lenovo New Vision Technology are teaming up to push the development of the Internet of Things.

“The Internet of Things and Augmented Reality are already changing the way we interact with the world. We are excited to partner with AR titan Lenovo New Vision Technology I see the combination of AI/AR and IoT revolutionizing the business environment,” Credits CEO & Founder Igor Chugunov said.

Credits will utilize their blockchain expertise to help facilitate building software applicable for the combination of the Internet of Things and AI/AR, with a perspective of further implementation of the product in a variety of industries such as Fintech and Logistics. In addition, Lenovo New Vision Technology is looking to incorporate Credits blockchain solution to streamline internal operations management procedures.

Credits have been chosen by Lenovo New Vision Technology thanks to its distinctive technical solutions such as unique consensus algorithm which consists of dPoS (Delegated-Proof-of-Stake) and BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) features, flexible customisable smart contracts and effective security based on elliptic curve encryption.


Republished with permission from the wonderful guys at www.the-blockchain.com