In Conversation with Alexandru Butean, Co Founder Transylvania Labs          


About Alexandru:
Professionally, everything started during a childhood of computer networks in a small-town neighborhood and continued in an adolescence full of experiments (algorithms, projects, hacking, etc.). The present finds me in my best shape, having a strong know-how and hands-on experience on several computer science areas: Smart Agents, Decentralized and Distributed Architectures, AI, Blockchain, Smart City, etc.

More than 12 years of experience in computer science, research and development, during present times of constant change and evolution, turned me from a young lonely wolf into a dedicated team player that understands the infinite power of collaboration and aims to contribute to greater goals.

From the perspective of a practitioner, I promote technology and sports because they encourage strong quality life standards and open our minds to understand perfection, effort, character and boundaries.

Between 1 and 0, I will always pick 1.

About Transylvania Labs:

Research and Development in a world that needs pragmatic solutions for challenging problems.