In Conversation with Candyce Costa Founder Digital Buiness Women & Hello Tech Business

About Candyce:
DIGITAL BUSINESS WOMEN – Going to the next level: the emagazine targets powerful women around the globe in digital and tech – interviews, articles, recommendations and adverts.

DIGITAL MARKETING CONSULTANT – with my background in Sales and Marketing, I help small/middle companies to focus on creating effective strategies applying Digital Marketing Tools and Social Media Channels in a comprehensive way. It could be exploring how an app or a sales funnel could increase your sales rates or your brand awareness or which channels would work better for your company in a B2B environment.

Also, having worked in the event industry, my organizer skills mix very well when the client decides that running events are really a serious way to increase audience and create a community (and I totally agree!). This helps companies understanding their audience and the market for their product because it is all about how your business can effectively connect with your audience.

PERSONAL NOTE: Success in my life?

I have lived in 4 different countries
speak 3 languages
have friends around the world
bought a house
and a dog
live with my love for 20 + years
secured a better future for my son

About Digital Business Women:

During 2018, I have invested my own money to test the idea:

A digital magazine focused on Digital and Tech women around the world.

At this moment, it is a digital magazine promoted only on Linkedin and we had 99 guests, more than 500k engagement on LinkedIn and people from around the world connecting and supporting us.

Our next step is partnership with major global women organization, like Women in Tech, Women in STEM, Girls Who Code, Tech Girls, etc…and also projects that support young women and children to develop interesting in Digital and Tech.

Also, adding a blog, podcast, webinar and pocket guide in 2019!

We have three areas of interesting at our project:

Offering the latest tips, advice and guidance from another business women,
Networking and debate to discuss the role of women in modern businesses,
eMagazine to share and encourage women to stand out and inspire and motivate others.

Join us to learn, improve, upgrade …

Join us to meet, find, collaborate…

Join us and celebrate…

Networking is a really valuable way to connect with like minded people, expand your knowledge, learn from others people experience, attract new clients and tell others about your business.

Our unique selling point is our high-quality content, hands-on workshops and interactive cases studies to learn digital tools and tactics that you can apply daily in your business.