Blockchain Monetizing & Integrating consumer Data, in Conversation with Theodore Waz CEO at The Opinion Economy


About Theodore:

• Principal deal-maker and leader of Blockchain, AI, IoT and Smart Digital partnerships globally

• Global Entrepreneur, with a keen sense of how to Identify opportunities across industries, that lead to deal-making, venture identification, and transformative products.

• Tapping into global ecosystems of entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners to leverage incubation & acceleration efforts to introduce or integrate disruptive technologies.

• Change Champion who navigates silos while fostering innovation and a digital transformation in Healthcare and Life Sciences. Leading corporate mind shifts strategically implemented “beyond business-as-usual” trajectories for companies preparing them for an outcomes-based future with risk sharing business models.

• Leading companies at all stages of growth, from early stage to Fortune 500 companies, with a proven ability to turn around business profitability. Devised and implemented go-to-market business models for strategic partnerships leading to increased access to 100X+ growth

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