About Laura:
Serial entrepreneur building innovative business models from scratch and developing multi-channel networks in the EMEA markets, Laura experienced work from different perspective: employer, senior manager in a multinational group , consultant.
Impressed by the lack of meritocracy within large organisations, by the difficulty of HRs and Recruiting industry to efficiently and objectively evaluate candidates and finally by the lack of trust in independent individuals contribution, Laura started to explore how to merge more entrepreneurship within organisations

During a sabbatical year, while exploring South East Asian markets with the goal to set up a consulting business, Laura grew her need to enable any individual on earth to access independent meaningful work, increase their own value and stay in control of their skills and data; learning about the DLT she recognised in the “trustlessness” typical of blockchains the technological enabler of a 21st century labor market for independent people.
TiiQu was born from this search.. A platform designed to use transparency and immutability of blockchains to verify claims about ID , education, previous work, performances. The “TQ” is a score – like the credit score – derived from such verified facts, represents in the universal language of numbers the degree at which an individual’s claims can be trusted. It is designed to facilitate creation of a level playing field for meritocratic access to work.

Laura is an active promoter of the concept of trustlessness as the new NORM for 2nd-gen platforms, she successfully runs monthly meetups in London ( called #TrustlessEcosystems) with the participation of a growing community.

Conscious of the need to shift the online world to trusted interconnections based on a transparent pact with users, Laura inspired and co-authored the ” Code of Ethics” – as ethical guidelines of TiiQu.

About Tiiqu:
TIiQu uses the immutability and transparency of blockchain to verify claims of an individual about ID education, previous work, performances. The “TQ”​ is a score -like the credit score – measuring the degree at which an individual’s claims can be trusted; it is designed to create a gender/ethnicity/status agnostic level playing field for job applicants and collaboration where individuals and companies can trust each other and agree to collaborate without middlemen.
Website : http://tiiqu.com