About Arnaud:
An award winning serial software, telco, finance and social impact entrepreneur, over 20 years I have raised millions of dollars from angels, VCs and Family offices in Eu and the US, built channel partnerships with global brands, built and exited companies and learned what works and what does not.

As an advisor, I’ve helped CEOs build investment, tech-driven product and go-to-market strategies that work.

As a coach I’ve worked with CEOs, helping them to be conscious, enlightened leaders, and showing them how to overcome self limiting beliefs to be most successful version of themselves.

As purpose, people and planet are as important as profit, I prefer to work with businesses with impact in their DNA.

An expert on Blockchain and Social Impact, I am often invited to keynote at global conferences

I am CEO of GIVE: A do-good smart money for kids to get a financial education and experience the power of giving for a responsible, caring society that thrives.

About Give Nation:
Empowering kids at school to experience the benefits of giving while gaining financial literacy for a lifetime of financial wellbeing.

Website: https://givenation.world