About Evangelos:
I am a Tech Entrepreneur, a Cloud & Blockchain Engineer. Experienced in the development of scalable web, messaging & blockchain platforms. Throughout the years I have been leading startups & tech projects, from their early pre-MVP stage to their working profitable versions.

Projects that involve the following, are the centre of my current interest;
– Messaging & Communication solutions as a service,
– Blockchain solutions,
– SaaS solutions for FinTech companies,
– Decentralised & Cloud solutions for Web & IoT

About Ocyan:
Ocyan is a Cloud platform that allows FinTech businesses to scale up in the blockchain space, by providing all the required infrastructure in the click of the button.

Ocyan increases the extent to which FinTech enterprises can easily and reliably integrate with DLT networks in an Agile and Cloud-Native way, by providing the necessary Operations, infrastructure and analytics services that are required.

* Business is presented with perfected, standardized DevOps processes;
* Reduce time and cost to setup and scale;
* Cloud Infrastructure and Analytics platform for Blockchain Applications;
* Tech expansion creates no further cost.

Ocyan Platform’s immediate benefits are:

* Cloud Native on-premises integrations with DLT networks;
* Analytics & Insights for your product-specific DLT traffic;
* DevOps friendly & Cloud-native management of your blockchain nodes;
Website :https://www.ocyan.com