About Atlas City:
Atlas City enables your business to realise the full potential of distributed ledger technology.

We deliver business solutions and innovations that are scalable, secure and decentralised.

We are developing a breakthrough, next generation distributed ledger that solves the handicaps encountered by current blockchain platforms in the market.

We’re revolutionising the way business does data – making it trusted, more secure and easier to share.We’re driven by the opportunities to dramatically improve efficiencies for businesses. Front, middle and back offices will be revolutionised by trusted, shared single ledgers replacing duplicative, error-prone multiple ledgers.

Our unique, lean Atlas Ledger unites IoT and DLT for enterprise adoption. It provides a flexible, modular architecture that utilises common programming languages to write smart contracts.

Our low resource requirements, lean architecture and easy to connect & program protocol makes Atlas Ledger great for Internet-of-Things interconnected devices.

The opportunity for distributed ledger in the coming years is enormous as businesses of every type begin to understand that they can solve many of their real-life data security, storage and sharing issues using DLT.

We’re working with several partners from different sectors to apply our decentralised solutions, enabling them to optimise their work processes, reducing costs and improving their data storage and sharing.

The future’s here, and we’re enabling it.
Website : http://atlascity.io