About Kevin:
Senior Commercial Strategy Professional with more than 20 years of operational, market and management strategy experience across hardware and software, corporate, venture capital and private equity technology organisations. Possesses a high degree of commercial acumen and flair demonstrated through an outstanding record of achieving increased profitability and results. Capable to interpret technical and executive objectives to align departments and create effective teams, whilst motivating people to work to a consistently high standard and add to their own personal development.

Combines an operational and strategic planning capability of sales operations, marketing operations and market strategy business requirements along with the ability to validate planning and strategy into operational excellence. Conveys exceptional communication, presentation and analytical skills, proficient to participate from field engagements to the board room

About Gospel Technology:
Gospel Technology delivers the world’s first secure inter enterprise data collaboration platform, utilising distributed ledgers to allow timely, ethical and trusted access to critical company owned data across its entire usage lifecycle.

Relevant information can be farmed from legacy systems, live feeds (IoT / AI) or any other permissioned source and secured, at the data level, across an immutable and traceable decentralised blockchain, eliminating the need for costly and complex security infrastructures.

This approach allows organizations to prevent manual workarounds, eliminate data breaches, remove human errors, and stop accidental data loss – presently a huge risk to financial information, confidential customer records, intellectual property, personal data, and other unstructured files.

Gospel presents a totally new way of accessing and controlling data which is enterprise grade scalable, highly resilient, and secure – providing complete trust in an untrusted environment.

The technology was recently described in a report by IDC as “the first practical enterprise application of blockchain”.

Winner of Techtrailblazers.com Blockchain and IoT awards.

Named as one of CIO review’s “20 Most Promising Blockchain Technology Solution Providers – 2017”

Website : http://gospel.tech