About Lex:
I help financial services senior executives, board members, startup operators, hedge funds, and venture investors make strategic decisions about Fintech, Crypto and Innovation. That means (1) understanding, (2) ideating, and (3) choosing a course of action for blockchain & cryptocurrencies, roboadvisors, artificial intelligence, chatbots, neobanks and insurtech.

By background, I am a New York & London entrepreneur with senior operating and board-level Fintech experience (i.e., thick scar tissue) in digital advice, personal finance, and wealth management. I’ve held a variety of roles on Wall St (Lehman, Barclays, Deutsche), but also hand-coded websites and programmed generative abstract art. Most recently, I founded and directed the Fintech practice at Autonomous, the leading research firm focused on the financial sector. Previously, I was COO and led product design / corporate development at AdvisorEngine, a wealth management platform built on roboadvisor DNA. I was also CEO of NestEgg, a roboadvisor focused on delivering financial advice algorithmically, which I founded while getting a JD/MBA from Columbia – a reckless but fun decision.

As part of building a view around Fintech and Futurism, I’ve been lucky to contribute to the WSJ, The Economist, Financial Times, CNBC, Reuters, American Banker, ThinkAdvisor, Financial-Planning, and Investment News, among others. I’ve also spoken on the future of technology at Money2020, LendIt, Techonomy, General Assembly, In|Vest, T3 Enterprise Edition, and the FPA conferences.

In addition to my work in financial services, I’m a practicing visual artist focusing on abstraction and new media, with work exhibited in galleries and published nationally. That’s shared here: http://urban-aesthete.tumblr.com/