About Jaan:
Coming from a strong background in academia (Media and Electronics), Jaan has under his belt a Bachelors degree in Television Production and a Masters degree in Creative Technology.

Always at the forefront of technology, Jaan has been involved in everything from 3D Printing to Virtual Reality Applications, and of course, founding the WiRa project which originally began in 2013 as a personal interest using newly acquired Robotics and Programming skills from his MSc.

Working with key electronics components created at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in England, Jaan has headed the creation of various IoT ventures including smart security devices and gaming platforms.
Jaan is currently involved in the broadcast of ‘RC Racing TV’, (who work along-side authoritative racing bodies such as IFMAR and EFRA as Media Partners), travelling Europe helping to deploy the technical operations.

“I feel very fortunate having the opportunity to test out WiRa cars on many great tracks all around Europe, where professional RC racers compete for world championship titles! For this I thank the legendary Nick Daman of ‘RC Racing TV’” – JE

About Wireless Racer:
Race and Compete LIVE in a League of Physical Gaming RC Robotic Cars utilising Blockchain technology
Website : https://www.wirelessracer.com