About Marquesa:
Marquesa Finch is a public health professional, digital health expert, and investor. She is dedicated to building a sustainable public health tech ecosystem that leverages the power of technology to create more equitable access to health.

About Patientory:
The Patientory Association, a global nonprofit healthcare member organization facilitates the adoption of emerging technologies in the healthcare industry.

Currently, the foundation connects healthcare industry adopters of the PTOYNet blockchain which comprise the PTOYNet consortium.

The PTOYNet blockchain securely stores and manages health information in real time, and such storage and management is facilitated by a blockchain based token (called “PTOY”).

The Patientory Association facilitates the development of standards that are essential to the implementation and adoption of the PTOYNet platform and token in securely protecting and managing healthcare information. Such standards are necessary for interoperability and auditability and for transparency purposes. These activities will help ensure the safety, reliability and usability of the use of the PTOYNet platform by its members and the general public, a prerequisite to the wide acceptance of the PTONet platform as a viable means of transacting business by the public and the acceptance of the industry as a whole.
Website :https://www.ptoy.org/