About Nigel:
Delivering the next generation of biometric digital identity in trusted ecosystems of users.

Working in a fast paced high growth scalable company with a hand selected high performance team, leveraging the greatest partner technologies, to deliver a truly disruptive game changing solution.

Creativity combined with a rock solid organisational structure, allows us to outperform the market by leveraging data analytics, processes and discipline.

Previously focused on how customers can be motivated to engage in ecosystems, leading the next evolution in finance and payments as companies tokenise their balance sheets and loyalty systems.

Firm believer that Corda is the future bedrock platform for business.

A senior business leader with thirty plus years of experience in a unique combination of operational, technology and finance roles for both major market players and niche providers in the financial services and technology arenas.

♦ Building operational and technology frameworks that facilitate global business vision; leveraging unique background in finance, technology and operations.
♦ Partner business leaders to develop and deliver strategic business objectives, underpinned by robust operational structures and processes which provide significant competitive advantage.

♦ Design and lead large-scale organisational excellence programmes, with significant expertise in crisis management and turnaround.
♦ Generate significant bottom-line benefits, slash risk and enhance service delivery for a top-tier financial services client base. Restructure underperforming operations and introduce best-practice operational and technology standards.

♦ Uplifts performance of global teams across operational and IT functions; an experienced manager of multi-disciplinary teams and a highly effective mentor and talent spotter.
♦ Extensive experience in the set-up and management of high-performing offshore functions.

About ID Works:
Website : http://www.idworks.io

About 20|30:
20|30 is a new kind of venture studio.

Our mission is to build the decentralized products and services that will be mainstream by the year 2030.

We are experiment-driven, researching and testing ideas to deliver exceptional products that meet market needs. Projects that launch become part of the 20|30 portfolio. Those which don’t, become part of our institutional knowledge and experience.
Website : http://2030.io