About Michael:

Rap is arguably the most effective storytelling technique available, but is used to discuss only a very small realm of content. It deserves to be used to explain to humanity’s most interesting and meaningful technologies and social efforts. Herein lies my mission.

Plus rap is just one of several mediums I use, and technology is anything that human beings have created that wasn’t here before we showed up — so there’s a lot of ground to cover. Beyond deep tech like Blockchain and AI, I’m talking political topics like Universal Basic Income, philosophical idea(l)s like Effective Altruism, mindfulness practices like Meditation and Lucid Dreaming — you get the picture.

And since I’m fundamentally driven by collaboration, I recognize that I inherently require others to maximize the impact that can be had with this approach. I am indeed a storyteller, but there are so many stories worth telling that I haven’t experienced directly, or don’t have the prowess to accurately describe on my own.

So I ask you: what’re we discussing?

Website :https://inversek.com/