In Conversation with Sebastian Cheung – Director Fortress Gain Technology          

About Sebastian:

Polyglot freelance DevOps Coach/Full-Stack Developer/Full-Custom Silicon Chip Designer with combined over 23 years of experience spanning hands-on Agile transformations, microservices/API SDLC, prototyping, CI/CD pipelines, TDD/BDD, and team leadership across banking, insurance, semiconductor and startups clients. Passionate about Blockchain and AI/Machine Learning technologies.

• Delivered successful DevOps business practices for HSBC(x2), BNP Paribas, Sky
• Built industry’s first complete IaaS: ServiceNow Spark to Cisco Security ACS (Sky
• Currently 8 live Android mobile apps in for various clients in UK
• World’s first 8 Channel Analog Mux SMBus Interface LTC1380 Singapore.
• Contributed to 2 silicon startups in San Jose, CA, USA (both got acquired.)