Christine has dedicated her entire life to JP Morgan. She leads J.P. Morgan’s Blockchain Center of Excellence. She has worked hard to be where she is today. She started with the company from the middle office and with her hard work and zeal she made a name for herself in the company.

Let us talk about 10 things you did not know about Christine Moy.


Christine did her graduation in Comparative literature from Brown University. She also holds an Ethereum developer certificate from Blockmatics.

2.Start at JP Morgan

Christine started her career in the middle office of JP Morgan’s syndicated loans business. In this job, she had to deal with all the documents that needed to be signed before these transactions could close. 

3.Timeline at JP Morgan

  • Christine spent over a decade working across a range of assets and divisions at the bank.
  • She even led development of productionized credit risk tools in Global Wealth Management.
  • She was a Senior Product Manager on the team, charged with leading various Markets, Investor Services, and Banking initiatives

She worked her way up through hard work.


Christine was ranked no 18 in Fortune’s The Ledger 40 under 40 lists of “the most impressive, young superstars transforming business at the leading edge of finance and technology.”


Christine founded Babyhood which is an app that helps to connect with a community of mothers. It’s about building community, a village of expecting moms. It is a community that provides friendship, support, and curated set of relevant classes, fun activities and helpful resources in one’s neighborhood and online.

It is meant for:

  • Expecting parent
  • New parent
  • Experienced parent

6.Inspiration to start Babyhood

Her baby daughter who was born in 2014 was the inspiration for starting babyhood. Her own experience during pregnancy also inspired her as she did not have any friends or colleagues who were pregnant and she felt alone.


7.New big step

In April 2018, Christine took over a new responsibility by taking over from Amber Baldest, one of the most prominent figures in blockchain.

She became the new program lead for the Blockchain Centre of Excellence (BCOE) at JP Morgan.


Christine has always been an active speaker at various events.

Some of the events, conferences she has been a speaker at are: Canada FinTech Forum, The Consensus 2018 conference in New York, Sibos.

9.Her advice to companies about starting blockchain.

 She says:

  • The first thing companies should do is to make sure that they have gotten smart on the technology and have a baseline understanding of what it is, what it can do, and definitely what it can’t do.
  • The second thing to do is to research what else is happening in their sector, in their industry. What are their industry peers or leaders doing?
  • And then it is important for them to narrow on what are the actual pain points they are experiencing that they want to focus on and prioritize.
  • Then they should take a step back from there and understand whether or not blockchain can be part of the tech stack that helps solve that.
  • So problem and pain point first, and then figure out if blockchain is applicable.


Christine leads the bank’s blockchain program. JP Morgan created Quorum, an open-source Ethereum-based blockchain, which is now mulling the fate of that distributed ledger technology.