In Conversation with Vaibhav Kadikar – Founder & CEO CloseCross      


About Vaibhav:
Vaibhav is a Senior Executive, Entrepreneur ¦ Innovator ¦ Digitization expert ¦ Convergence theorist ¦ Blockchain use-case enthusiast.
Prior to his current role Vaibhav has led various business/corporate development functions in various industries and conglomerates. He holds an MBA from INSEAD Business School, France. He loves mathematical and statistical analytics, new technologies and their joint implications across industries. He created and patented an algorithm used to capture the “Knowledge Value of Time” in financial trading (USPTO 2011)

About CloseCross:
CloseCross is the first fully decentralized derivatives platform.

Up until now, most popular means of executing opinion based value-trading has been stock/commodity trading, CFDs or options trading.


CloseCross opens up the massive financial derivatives market to the public giving them easy access to peer-to-peer derivative trading platform without any need for deep financial knowledge.

ARE YOU AN ASPIRING CRYPTO TRADER? – Use CloseCross to get a feel for the action-packed market of derivatives trading, with the security of our risk-reward balancing algorithms.

ARE YOU FINANCIAL TRADER CURIOUS LOOKING FOR A NEW CHALLENGE? – Step into the crypto world and put your knowledge of financial markets and trends to the test in a new peer-to-peer, crypto-powered paradigm.

CloseCross cuts out the extra cost of value-trading, reduces risk and puts traders in control as they navigate the intellectual maze of derivatives!