In conversation with Inspirational Penelope Curtis – Coder & Tech Enthusiast

Welcome to a and thank you very much for agreeing to be interviewed.

Not at all, thank you.

Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and about your company?

So I am actually a  career changer, I was as up in September I was still teaching and I decided to break into the tech industry and so I’m currently on the coding bootcamp and I’m learning how to code so yeah really enjoying it.

Great so what made you change career to tech?

For me I really wanted to actually start to make an impact on creating my own company so for me Tech was a really good solution because I am very interested in psychology and very interested in education, so that way I could actually create my own company, so in my mind if I learned about tech then I’d be able to access many more people because it’s a medium for many many people’s to access on the internet.

Explain to us a little bit about Kodiri ( What they are doing?

Kodiri are doing a bootcamp, for me that was really really appealing because I don’t actually come from a tech background so as a beginner it was very useful to come to kodiri to be able to access the beginner challenges and constantly be taught new information but also apply my skills and to see my progress rising which is a real confidence boost as well.

How do you first get interested in tech?

 My interest has been very recent and the reason why I’ve become interested is because I was working in a special education needs school and we used to use things like iPads, applications, different websites to actually engage the students so for me and my past career as a teacher I could see but it actually really engaged the students so I thought since it’s such a appealing way of learning and it was actually something I wanted to be a part of and that’s how I kind of entered into the tech world.

What’s been the biggest challenge about entering the tech world?

Finding material which is suitable for Beginners, so over the past couple of months I have now found work which is appropriate for people who are just starting out in the tech industry, once again for me is why kodiri was so good because it was actually accessible resources and often when courses say that for beginners it’s often for people who have had some sort of tech background so for me I find the biggest challenge is to find appropriate ability matched resources.

So if you could change one thing about the tech industry what would you change?

One thing I would make sure there are more coding events for beginners, absolute beginners.

In regards to blockchain and cryptocurrency do you think the future for cryptocurrency is bright?

Absolutely, I really do.  so much so that I have even seen advertisements for it in the tube so if it’s getting down to the tube then it clearly is becoming very very popular.

So do you think we might see a widespread sort of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency at some point in the coming years?

Yes, I think that’s something which is advantageous of it the fact that it’s very much online means that it’s accessible in many many parts of the world so it’s something that people can invest in globally.

I understand that women are underrepresented in the tech industry why do you think this is and what can change?

I actually think it comes from an education level I think that there should be more input and there is a growing input now in to step into STEM science technology engineering and mathematics. I believe that if there’s more clubs and more information for young girls there will be a growth of women in tech but I do strongly believe that the tech industry is very welcoming towards women and I’m going to more and more events which are specifically catered to women.

Just to finish off a few fun questions so what’s your favorite place in the world?

Recent place I visited which was Cuba which was my favorite place to visit because it’s because of the retro cards.

What’s your favourite movie?

So many to choose from, I would say the recent one I saw, Next-Gen (

Last question would be your ideal car to drive?

Something retro probably, as I said about Cuba so maybe you know Cadillac or something like that.