In Conversation with Dave Ebbitt, Health Informatics Manager at Medicalchain 

About Dave:
A highly qualified IT professional with broad technology background and multi-sector experience at Board and senior programme levels. Track record of delivering major change management programmes, contract negotiation, outsourcing/offshoring/FM and supplier management in a variety of settings including UK, continental Europe and Third World. Was a co-founder of a successful entrepreneurial financial services start-up and now mentors innovative start-ups.

Specialties: IT management, programme management, post acquisition integration, entrepreneurial start-up, cross border implementation. Introduction of Agile development methods. Management of major IT contracts.

Technical: Javascript, MEAN stack, Angular, Ionic, Github, open source, blockchain, Ethereum, Hyperledger

Has now joined Medicalchain, a UK based start-up adopting blockchain technology for the secure storage and transfer of electronic health records.

About Medicalchain:
Medicalchain uses blockchain technology to create a user-focused electronic health record whilst maintaining a single true version of the user’s data. Medicalchain enables the user to give healthcare professional access to their personal health data. Medicalchain then records interactions with this data in an auditable, transparent and secure way on Medicalchain’s distributed ledger. Lastly, Medicalchain is a platform for others to use to build applications that complement and improve the user experience. Users will be able to leverage their medical data to power a plethora of applications and services.