In Conversation with Sharon Henley, CMO ETHECAL       


About Sharon:
Highly driven enterprise-wide strategy, product management and marketing leader with international experience delivering profitable growth by designing strategy and overseeing commercialization.

• Strategic thinker with an astute ability to dissect complex ideas and solve problems. Spearheading company innovation, positioning, new products and services through customer insights and analysis and product design.

• Commercially minded growth hacker overseeing traditional and digital marketing communications efforts to create revenue-growing relationships with consumers.

UK and US Citizen, offering international perspective, leadership and experience with the technical, business and commercial aptitude to deliver superb results for any organization.
Relevant experience client side and agency side, corporate and consulting, enterprise, start-ups and scale-ups, B2B and B2C in FMCG, consumer electronics, finance/FS, imaging technologies.

Consulting Services, Business Strategy, Business Development, Product Development, Entrepreneurship, Imaging, Leadership, Product Management, Product Marketing.

Currently bringing to market a gold backed crypto asset while evangelizing the blockchain on which it is all built. Mostly, just surround myself with really smart people and help turn good ideas into great results by doing all I can to inspire teams, delight the customers and execute on highly effective marketing strategies.

The concept of ethecal is surprisingly simple yet profoundly impactful.
Built on blockchain and run on smart contracts, the ethecal platform is a one-stop money management solution that actually pays users to get on top of their financial wellbeing.

Using the ethecal app users can earn the digital currency ethecalcoin where the mission is to motivate people to be more engaged in understanding and managing their finances. The goal is to help set users on the path to positive lifelong financial wellbeing and ultimately fight the UK’s debt and poverty premium problem.

The app offers simple budgeting tools, access to money saving offers on everyday expenses such as phone plans, utilities and subscriptions as well as affordable loans even for those on low incomes. Encouraging financial planning, debt management and savings, the app converts positive financial wellbeing activities into the ethecalcoin virtual currency that users can spend in an internal marketplace.

The built in blockchain based digital ID provides users with a permanent digital ID that they can create once and use whenever they need quick access to credit based goods and services.

The ethecal platform is unique in that consumers have access to reduced cost services and credit based on their ability to pay for the goods and services versus the traditional method of screening based on credit history. This is a fairer way to connect customers in need of credit with ethecal providers in cases where an individuals credit score may not give a true representation of the lending and borrowing risk.