Whether you are a veteran or even a new Bitcoin user, chances are you have visited or have heard of bitcointalk. If you haven’t, this article aims to provide readers with the basics as well furnish them with useful knowledge prior to visiting.

Bitcointalk is the largest and one of the oldest message boards dedicated to blockchain and cryptocurrcencies on the Internet. Created on November 22, 2009, it is a direct successor of the now lost SourceForge forum. Bitcointalk was originally created by Satoshi Nakamoto – the father of bitcoin, a person whose true identity is yet not known (may be he is not a person, but a group of people who communicate under one pseudonym). By the way, Satoshi’s profile on Bitcointalk can be found even today – the last time he went to his account on the 13 of December 2010.

Bitcointalk was the first platform developed for discussions around the newly created Bitcoin at the time. People interested in the technical details and the development of various cryptocurrencies can talk to each other here. Overtime, it has developed to become one of the leading crypto forums for things like posting announcements, asking questions, etc. The forum also has places for people who are interested in cryptocurrency mining, in its trading and economics.

In July, 2011 the forum was moved to bitcointalk.org in order to make it unofficial. The “forum” link on the bitcoin.org homepage was made to simply return the Google search results for the search terms “bitcoin forums”. This was followed by Bitcoin Community members, very much in bitcoin’s spirit of decentralisation, creating a number of alternative forums offering different policies and using different software platforms. None of these alternative forums have yet reached the size of Bitcointalk, which retains its crown of the most reliable and popular platform.

The site contains a lot of information about the bitcoin sphere, presented in different languages. The digital currency is not immune to problems and difficulties, but in this forum it is easy to find the answer to any question. If the user of the forum is unable to find the necessary information, he can create a topic for discussion on his own and get data from practitioners – experienced members of the crypto-currency community. A team of resource managers are also able to help users to find relevant information and publish it on Bitcointalk. You also get the opportunities to interact with some of the stalwarts of the digital currency world as they are active in this forum. So you get to communicate with expert developers, codons, and business owners, though mostly working under their fictitious identities.

 There are sections called ‘Economy’ devoted completely to discussion of cryptocurrency trading, buying and selling of goods and services and even to promote your own business. Apart from helping perspective miners and traders, it also maintains its sanctity by following strict rules of decency and decorum. Any comment or activity not complying by them is immediately removed.

The forum follows a stringent hierarchy system which helps sieving novices from veterans. This way the information provided and queries answered are from reliable and experienced sources. Depending on how long ago the account was created, users have certain ranks and, in accordance with them, their movement on Bitcointalk. The administration imposes a large number of restrictions on newcomers. They do not have the ability to open new topics and can write entries only in the relevant section (called “Newcomers”). But these restrictions are not meant to prevent newly minted members of the cryptocurrency community from finding all the necessary information regarding cryptocurrencies and mining on the forum branches.

Bitcointalk has been created to facilitate the cryptocurrency community in making discussions and help anyone who is seeking answers. It is one of the major sources of information related to blockchain, cryptocurrency and bitcoin. It is also ICO’s (initial coin offering) main announcement platform. Any kind of news, new development can be found here.

You first need to create an account here. You just require an email and a username for this. To move further up on the ladder, you need to have activities and credits to be allowed to penetrate deeper into it. Higher levels have more leeway and freedom to undertake more activities. Each post made generates one activity. Merits can be pocketed when you receive some for your posts. Such a system has been set up to promote high quality posts. So your comments and activities should be meticulously handled to reap the maximum out of it. There are stringent rules for posting discussions in the bitcoin section only regarding bitcoins and no other cryptocurrency or your post is removed.

You can also have your own signature which will appear every time you comment or post. This becomes your unique identity and helps your product known. But to have your signature, you need members of the ‘member’ level and above. Such users can also help you with your signature campaign.

So all those who are a keen enthusiast to enter the cryptocurrency world and the ones looking for answers to boost their already existing trade, can find all their questions answered here. Its popularity is growing copiously due to its well-structured hierarchy and the much talked about decentralization. Providing a platform for promotions and many other activities has proved to be a boon for miners and its ever-growing cryptocurrency family. It is till date the most reliable source to extract information.