In Conversation with Robert Gaskell – Foundation President Pillar Project & Co Founder 2030       

About Robert:
Experienced Director of International Financial Services Businesses. Over 15 years as a Director and over 27 years’ knowledge and experience in technology, operations, software, security and M&A. Every company worked for as either doubled or trebled in size keeping costs increases to a minimum with clever use of technology and cost conscious implementation. Recently completed a Fintech Qualification from MIT and now has strong interests in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin), Artificial Intelligence and the disruption that Fintech will have on the Financial Services Sector.

Experience includes: Global Technology Deployment, Strategic and Business Planning, Merger and Acquisitions, Team management and Coaching, Project and Change Management, Business Process Re-engineering, Security, Organisational Redesign, Software Development, Blockchain and Fintech.

About Pillar Project:
The goal of the Pillar Project is to return control over personal data back to its rightful owner – you. Starting with an open-source wallet to store, transact, and track cryptocurrencies and tokens, the Pillar Wallet will evolve into a decentralised, personal data-management platform.