Satoshi Nakamoto is often credited as the main developer of Bitcoin, but Gavin Andresen made it what it is today. He acts as arbiter and architect for the bitcoin community. He is one of the most influential and recognized members of the bitcoin community. He has been fairly quiet over the last few years, but his previous contributions to the development of Bitcoin means that he will always be a solid part of the crypto community.

Let us glance on 15 things you did not know about Gavin Andresen.

 1.Early life

Gavin Andresen was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1966 as “Gavin Bell”. At the age of five he moved to the United States and grew up in Seattle, WA; Anchorage, AK; and the Santa Ynez Valley, CA.

In 1988 he graduated from Princeton with a computer science degree.

2.Bitcoin foundation

Bitcoin Foundation was founded by Gavin in 2012 and he has been the Chief scientist at bitcoin foundation since then. He started the foundation in order to provide support and nurture the development of the bitcoin currency. In order to concentrate on his work with the Foundation he left his software development role in 2014.


  • He has developed software for a number of companies.
  • His career was focused on 3D graphics and virtual reality modeling.

4.University of Massachusetts Amherst

In October 2007 he worked half-time in the Information Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory group at University of Massachusetts Amherst.

The projects that he worked on included the famous web spider that finds and downloads computer science research papers via clever Google and yahoo searches.

He left in June 2009

 5.The bitcoin faucet

Gavin created a website that gave away bitcoins in June 2010. It was the first bitcoin faucet. Initially it gave 5 bitcoin per person.

In an era when obtaining BTC wasn’t easy, Gavin’s idea proved to be very smart, as it was necessary for the cryptocurrency community to grow, that bitcoin be distributed as widely as possible. For people to truly understand Bitcoin and for it to grow from being an idea to a global phenomenon it was essential for people to have their skin in the game by sending and receiving Bitcoin.

6.Satoshi was impressed 

Satoshi in an email to Gavin talked about ‘The bitcoin faucet’. He said: “Excellent choice of a first project, nice work. I had planned to do this exact thing if someone else didn’t do it, so when it gets too hard for mortals to generate 50BTC, new users could get some coins to play with right away.”

7.Jobs post silicon valley

After leaving Silicon Valley in 1996, Gavin has been a part of a variety of software-related ventures, including being the CTO of an early voice-over-the-Internet startup. He was also the co-founder of a company that made multiplayer online games for blind people and their sighted friends.

 8.Gavin as a speaker

Gavin is a strong supporter of bitcoin and he is a frequent speaker at conferences, various meetings explaining the concept of the technology and promoting bitcoin. Some of the events he has been a speaker at are CoinDesk’s Consensus 2016 conference, coinbase speaker and ML Talks.

9.Full time bitcoin

Gavin undertook full-time role working on bitcoin alongside Satoshi Nakamoto in December 2010.

He dedicated his life to advancing public perception of bitcoin.

 10.Closeness with Satoshi

In 2010, Satoshi Nakamoto declared Gavin as the lead developer of the reference implementation for bitcoin client software. When Satoshi announced his departure he happily handed the work over to Andresen and he took on a leading position by joining the core team.

11.MIT’s Digital Currency Initiative

Joichi Ito started the Digital Currency Initiative (DCI) at MIT, which helped bitcoin to survive in some of its darkest days in 2015. The same year Bitcoin Foundation faced funding constraints, Gavin joined DCI in full-time role during that crucial time. He resigned in early 2017.


Trucoin was founded in May 2011. They employed Gavin before he worked at Bitcoin Foundation. Gavin said he was creating Bitcoin related web software and services, because ‘money, like government, should be Of the People and By the People.’ He was the lead core bitcoin developer in August 2011.

Trucoin allows its users to buy bitcoins almost instantly with a Visa or Master Card.


13.Believed Craig Wright was Satoshi

In May 2016, Gavin considered Craig Wright to be Satoshi. He met him in London and thought that Craig fits the profile of the person he was interacting with in 2010. Craig even showed him some proof; he showed Gavin the cryptographic key from the very first bitcoin block.

But later Gavin expressed regret for getting involved in the “who was Satoshi” game.

14.Net Worth

Gavin’s net worth in 2019 was about $2 million, most of which is in Bitcoin. He has cashed out multiple times. Once he was paid over $200,000 by the Bitcoin Foundation for his contributions, which he accepted in bitcoin.

15.Access to alert key

Gavin has access to the special alert key that enables him to broadcast messages regarding the critical network and internal problems to all Bitcoin clients. Gavin was given the Control of the source code repository and the alert key from Satoshi before he disappeared.