In Conversation with David Kayondo, Founder Goldswans         


About David:
Passionate investor in emerging technologies (Blockchain, AI/ML, Cybersecurity, Data Analytics.

About Goldswans:
Goldswans is an integrated firm that offers professional services, insights and innovation to support sustainable growth in the emerging markets. We collaborate with partners to design solutions that create sustainable competitive advantages for their businesses.

Our philosophy is to drive sustainability, social impact, and shared value for local communities via a business model that encourages partnerships with the most creative companies at the cutting edge of technology to embrace transformational change.

We have a diverse portfolio of investments in private equity and fixed income assets, with holdings in agribusiness, real estate, energy, financial services, manufacturing and FMCG industries in Africa. Part of our shareholding is invested in healthcare, education, financial services, technology and the SME business sectors. In 2017, the Goldswans Foundation is set to launch innovative investments in socio-economic projects, which will empower entrepreneurship and create employment.