About Kevin:
Innovative, yet hands on project manager and team leader, experienced in bringing state-of-the-art technologies to G500 clients.
With special expertise in artificial intelligence, software development, and fintech, Mr. Kirchman has developed world-class teams that delivered best-of-class technologies to the market place.
He is a seasoned businessman with excellent communications skills, a non-fiction author and a capable entrepreneur, with degrees in computer science (UGA) and mechanical/aerospace engineering (Cornell).

About Worldfree:
Worldfree develops cryptocurrency software technology called the Nodechain® that powers the FreeMark, a stable, asset-backed digital currency that offers venture-level returns for early holders.
The Nodechain exploits an invalid assumption in the Satoshi Nakamoto paper, providing a much more secure and infinitely scalable solution for digital currency. The Nodechain incorporates some features of the blockchain, but in a better-engineered system architecture.
The FreeMark Wallet app, for exchange, business and trading use, will shortly be available for iOS, Android and MS platforms.
Worldfree has a history spanning 20+ years in fintech commercial applications using advanced AI and sophisticated, innovative cryptographic technology.