In Conversation with Hicham ERRAFASS – Founding Partner Meritt #blockchainweek in London      

About Hicham:
Investment professional with 13 years of buy side and sell side Leveraged Finance experience. Comprehensive transaction, investment lifecycle and risk management experience matured by covering role in debt restructuring, active portfolio management and execution of primary lending.
Founder of Meritt, a credit intermediation platform unlocking access to credit finance for SMEs with PSD2 dataself vault, credit scorings and lending marketplace

About Meritt:
Build and manage your authenticated financial dataself on your vault, access credit scorings and request credit finance on the marketplace!

Meritt unlocks access to credit finance and offers new investment opportunities. Businesses & individuals can, with their online and banking transactions, build their financial footprint on their Meritt dataself vault to access credit scorings and loans that banks won’t do. Investors seeking low costs and transparent saving placements can easily connect and assess businesses and individuals in need of credit financings, alternatively they can use the portfolio builder to easily get exposure across a wide range of loans.

By delivering the full credit chains at a low cost, the Meritt Platform and modules tackles inefficient credit intermediation and improve funding prospects.

The Alpha application is a pilot built for small business loans and consumers loans in the EU. The Alpha score is based on transparent cash flow analysis with your bank transactions saved on your financial dataself vault via PSD2 APIs. With your portable Alpha credit score, issue your unique set of ERC20 loan tokens for each loan request to potential investors. Meritt enables trustless verification of issuer ID, loan tokens score and repayment terms on public & private ledgers.

Meritt is also working on non-profit applications. The Hummingbird Nation charity uses Meritt token issuance APIs to tokenise FIAT donations it receives for donors to track where and how their donations are being spent on the verifiable and transparent Meritt Blockchain Ledger.

The 3 key modules of the Meritt platform are (i) a self-sovereign dataself vault to build & manage authenticated financial footprint with your online & banking transactions (ii) credit scorings services with AI analysis of Dataself based on cash flow or asset valuation, and (iii) Loan marketplace with self-issuance of unique blockchain loan tokens for each credit request.