Hey! All those who are reading this. Some of you might be confident that you know every bit of blockchain and some of you might be little doubtful of the blockchain thing. But trust me, blockchain is such a perpetually evolving platform that whenever you realize that I know inside out of blockchain, you receive something new to learn. When I first got introduced to blockchain and Bitcoins, l thought it is just related to coins and tokens, their trade and peer-to-peer transfer. Blockchain investments had always been a fascination but with the precarious scenario, it seemed quite toilsome to spend one’s hard -earned money on crypto coins and tokens.

Nonetheless, one can invest in blockchain in other ways as well rather than just coins and tokens.

Initial coin offering (ICO)

All thanks to the advent of internet, the world has become so small and compact that anyone can reach out for distant people with least efforts. One such example is the case of ICOs. ICOs can better be understood as a newer and hybrid version of crowd funding and IPOs (Initial public offerings).

ICO is actually funded using cryptocurrencies, where in reward of any legal tender or cryptocurrencies, the investors buy a certain amount of cryptocurrency offered to them. It can be highly beneficial in terms of funds for a start-up.

What makes it distinct from IPOs and crowd funding is that only a white paper is required that provides all the necessary information about the project as compared to the enormous paperwork required in IPOs and crowd funding.

To boot, there is least requirement for you to have huge amount of money to invest in the ICOs. Rather a minuscule amount of money is will do the job, and you can probably have early ingress to valuable tokens.

But you need to be more vigilant before investing in ICOs as the task that seems easy for you, will also be easy for scammers as well. This can prove to be an easy way for them to raise money. Moreover, investing in white paper doesn’t confirm the project to be a success. They are highly prone to hackers and scammers and can also be left as such in the midway by the founders. In all, You need to be completely sure before investing.

Begin with researching for the particular ICO you are interested in. Initially, do your own personal research in terms of:

  • Team
  • Whitepaper
  • Roadmap
  • Website
  • Place of origin and government registration details

Once you have completed all the research on personal basis, look for some major investors who had have invested in that ICO. Follow them on social media as the major investors might post the information about their investments. This can be highly beneficial but the final decision should be solely yours taking into account all the perspectives.

At last look for an experienced transparent platform of researchers, be it an ICO research website for more reviews for that particular ICO.

Take your sole final decision after taking into account all the above standpoints. Register to the finalized ICO through its website.

 ICO Exchange

Now when you are finalized with the ICO you are about to buy, you cannot just hold and keep it. You need to put it on any exchange to grab a profitable deal.

Choosing the right exchange, keep in mind some facts like:

The size of the exchange which is related to the volume of trade happening on the exchange may be a good starting point as per the reputation of an exchange. Forthwith, this provides a sense of security to us the investors.

Another fact to be considered is the amount and means of funds transfer allowed by the exchange. Some might just allow transfer of funds only through cryptocurrencies whereas some may allow you to transfer directly to your bank account. This can help you choose wisely according to your suitability.

Commissions charged by the exchanges is again an element not to be neglected before investing. This varies from exchange to exchange and can be as low as 0.15%.

Lastly, experience adds to your expertise, the more you diversify and try, the better you can profit out of the ICOs.

ICO supporting Crypto wallets

Most of the latest ICOs are being launched on the ethereum blockchain platform (more than half of all). So you need an ethereum wallet with a few cryptocurrencies in it for buying the ICO. Preferably an ‘ERC20 Wallet’ like ‘MyEther wallet’ will do the job.

Send your crypto to the ICO’s address and you will receive the ICO tokens to your address.

Blockchain ETF

Reality shares Nasdaq NexGen Economy (BLCN) ETF or

Amplify transformational data sharing (BLOK) ETF.

Those who are crypto enthusiasts must have heard of them. This ever evolving and revolutionary ecosystem of blockchain is beating all the obstructions on its way to be even better everyday.

Blockchain ETFs being similar to the ETFs in other traditional sectors, make the difference with only cryptocurrencies being involved in it. Blockchain ETFs can be classified as:

The ones being invested in companies using blockchain technology for transfiguring business applications.

The ones that use crypto-assets or future contracts to trace the performance of cryptocurrencies.

Amplify transformational data sharing ETF

This actively overseen ETF with an expense ratio of 0.9% has 53 holdings. Implicating telecommunication industry, media, banks and computers industry, it has $160.65 million net worth of assets under its management.

Reality shares NASDAQ NexGen Economy ETF

According to Reality Shares ‘it is designed to measure the returns of companies that are committing material resources to developing, researching, supporting, innovating of using blockchain technology for their proprietary use or for use by others.’ This ETF has $102.93 million net worth of assets under management with 65 holdings.

First trust index innovative transaction and process ETF

This involves companies like IBM and Microsoft for blockchain users and developers. With an expense ratio of 0.65% and 84 holdings, it has $29.94 million worth of net assets under its management.

Blockchain technology ETF

With 22 holdings and average dividend yield of 0.62%, this fund has $12.1 million net worth of assets under its management. Arising blockchain holdings constituting 57% of the total holdings, 42% involve large cap blockchain holdings and the rest are other assets and liabilities.


In the scene of social trading platform, there are features with which the positions opened and managed by selected investors can be copied by the traders. This feature is copytrading. The copying trader gets automatic execution to copied investors trading activity, be it, opening or closing a position, or accessing stop loss or take profit position. When you think about crypto investments or trading on blockchain, eToro provides a distinct Copytrading system. From my side, I would prefer you to give it a try. All you need is a clever bend of mind and follow the steps:

  1. a) Log in to eToro for the copying action as “copier”.
  2. b) Find an investor you think is apt for copying, I.e., “copied trader.”
  3. c) Check your pocket, finalize on the amount of money appropriate for you to invest.
  4. d) Click ‘copy’ and BANG, every action that your ‘copied trader’ performs will automatically be copied for your investments as well.


Worldwide, around 3 million users are making profits though easy, secure, transparent, and innovative features of eToro. When it is so convenient and remunerative, why not be one of them?


Concluding, with the advancing time, we see getting advancing levels of investing in blockchain technology. Do Not confuse blockchain investment with Bitcoins as the former forms the platform for Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies transactions and is a safer platform for investments.

Happy hunting! Happy researching! Happy investing!