In Conversation with Robert Nass – Blockchain Enthusiastic & A1 ‘Mokummer’ / Amsterdammer

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Thank You for agreeing to be interviewed, what’s your name tell us a bit about yourself and your company?

I’m Robert Nass, I’m from Amsterdam the Netherlands and in 2013 I was trading stocks in forex and I found a problem, that was that was Greece was bankrupt, Greece was bankrupt,  Cyprus was was bankrupt and we had a problem Euro was going to collapse that what everyone thought. And then Mario Draghi said we’re gonna do whatever it takes to stimulate economy again and then they started with the quantitative easing printing fake money, so I start to teach but what do I have to do I have to find a hedge in my portfolio for if the stocks gonna fall, eventually there is a lot but I had to find a hedge  so that’s when I find bitcoin and that’s where my love started for the blockchain space as it was then, we are now almost six years further and I saw a lot of new people coming into the blockchain space and my love was starting to decrease decrease decrease and now after all these years there’s finally a new project where I met you guys today, that is the grin project, green project and this is a open source project built by the community which has no incentive no shareholders no premine no ICO and everything, so this is finally a product that’s from the people, for the people.

How do you see the future of blockchain in the next few years?

I think they’re coming some big obstacles as you can see this obstacle and I’m talking mainly now about regulation the thing is with regulation it’s good for a lot of companies but the whole revolution why a lot of people started in this blockchain  sharing space will have some obstacles because a lot of things will be forbidden.

So what advice would you give to somebody starting out in the industry at the moment? If they have an idea they want to run on the blockchain?

I think the most important thing to do is look on which platform you’re gonna build your crypto or your company because there are a lot of platforms currently who pretending like they can do what they say but I think there will go a lot of a lot of these platforms will go away because they can’t do what they promised.

So hypothetically who do you think Satoshi Nakamoto is and what does he look like?

This is a question I can’t answer because I have so many thoughts about this positive-negative I don’t know anymore.

Did you used to have an idea?

I thought that it was someone who want the financial system to be broken down and build up again but now if I see the development I am not so sure anymore.

Do you think the blockchain has got a potential to be a big sort of socio-political power in the world?

Yes so you have this technical value, speculative value but also political value, now country is going to lose their power more and more because of the dollar who’s looking to going to fall and everything so they’re looking to put something in the Treasury that makes them strong and I think this is something really interesting for the future.

How did you first get interested in technology? When you were a kid what sparked your love of it?

I am focusing on my own financial income since my 13 that’s when I found when I saw people on the television talking about how to make money fast and that was mainly on the stock market so I was trying to, eventually I lost a lot of money of course but that’s called educational money and then I had a feeling that I got it and then it was so I think three years ago – two years ago I went completely on my own personal account with trading.

What did you originally want to do when you were a kid?

Be happy be happy and I think in a world in 2019 that is a very hard and if we look at the amount of burnouts that people’s have currently I think there is a lot of things that can be done better.

Just to finish up few fun questions what’s your favorite place in the world?

I travelled a lot and first always said that abroad is so much better but I’m going to love the Netherlands more and more it’s an amazing country and everyone should go there once.

Do you drive a car, what car do you drive and what would be your ideal car?

I think the ideal car is a hybrid car because I also love the sound of a diesel benzine engine oil engine.

What would you miss most in the world if you can no longer have it?

Compassion of the people that I have around me.

So how are you contributing to the Grin project?

Unfortunately I can’t do that with my technical skills I’m not that good of a coder but what I see that is needed in the project is that there is a lack of money, time is money and these people put a lot of time in this project and what I’m looking for is to set up an event 26 of March Tuesday in Amsterdam is a big fundraising evening and I hope I can contribute to this project by that way and I want to invite everyone to come and contribute to this project as well.


Robert Nass Twitter: @nass769