In Conversation with with Nebil Ben Aissa – CEO Nexxo     


About Nebil:
Mr. Nebil Ben Aissa has more than 20 years in starting, operating, growing, buying, selling and investing in companies specializing in Fintech, blockchain, electronic payments, electronic banking, mobile payments and e-commerce.

He started his first company in 1997, then went on to build and grow several disruptive Fintech companies while delivering exponential shareholder growth.

Currently, he is the CEO of NEXXO, a global Network of Electronic payment companies operating in the Middle East, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Eurozone and Asia. He is also, an investor in various fintech startups and Payment Service Providers; and is the largest investor and shareholder of QPAY, top three largest Fintech Payment processing companies in the Middle East.

At Nexxo, Mr. Ben Aissa is investing heavily in the Blockchain space; and is financing several innovative blockchain-powered Fintech companies that are licensed, and fully compliant with international laws, as well as local banking and Central bank rules and regulations.

Raised and educated in the US Midwest, he has triple Master Degrees in Electrical, Computer Engineering and Computer Sciences (University of Wisconsin Madison); and an MBA from Kellogg School of Business in Chicago.

He is an innovator and a disruptor, with more than eleven (11) registered patent inventions in Fintech, Artificial Intelligence and related technical fields. He speaks 6 languages.

In his earlier days, he was an international competitive swimmer. He held National and International swimming records. He is still an active swimmer and water polo player.

About Nexxo:

Nexxo is a global leader in financial technology solutions for small businesses in emerging markets, with innovative products in payroll, payment gateway, wages protection system (WPS), point of sale (POS) devices and e-commerce.

Experts in FinTech all over the world, Nexxo in the trusted partner for SMEs for all their financial technology needs.

Nexxo is a global network on FinTech brands across the world, serving small business in emerging markets, empowering them to grow with best-in-class products, tools and services.