In Conversation with Nim Haas – Head of Marketing GPS & Steve Brown – Director Empiric   


About Nim:
Nim Haas heads the marketing and comms department at Global Processing Services, the next-generation payment technology company for leading fintechs including Revolut, Starling Bank, Skrill, Pleo, Glint and Curve. Haas manages the marketing and communication strategy for all regional markets as well as brand and corporate reputation, internal and external communication and PR. If such a thing as a fintech comms veteran yet exists, Haas is it: she led PR and comms for Fidor and Backbase. She has also worked in below-the-line agencies and has a consulting background in integrated marcoms, digital marketing, segmentation and intranets/extranets, and was a key consultant in designing the eCRM system for Group Marotzki for Peugeot.

About Steve:
I’ve always been a connector of people, personally and professionally, effectively joining up the dots and problem solving. This is why I feel I’ve found my vocation in recruitment, 17 years experience and counting….

I have gained a broad range experience through having worked for a global corporate (through transition from private to FTSE 250 listed), and then being integral to the growing of the Tourstan Group contributing to sales and operations (joining the founding partners as employee number three).

In growing a company, I appreciate the difficulties involved in; scaling a business, organisational design and development, technology planning, commerciality, and financial planning and control.

The irony of building a recruitment company, is the biggest challenge is identifying and securing your internal talent. Recruitment is an addition to anyone’s workload, as the day to day never stops to allow dedicated time to hire and identifying top talent in any industry is a full time job in itself.

My skill is not knowing everything (or pertaining too), but in being able to “ask the right questions”, “listen to candidates and clients needs” then being able to call upon the best people respectively to deliver.

I am more than a transactional order filler, always looking to consult and provide creative solutions. Utilising an ever expanding network of relationships, across an array of industries globally.

I am surrounded and supported by a diverse, ambitious, and talented team. This positions us well to deliver consistently to our customers needs.

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