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Wanting to get galvanized from the inspirational Ambani family, we think of Dhirubhai Ambani or Mukesh Ambani. But a lesser known but equally vital part of the family is Nita Ambani. Though she is known worldwide as the wife of Mukesh Ambani but there are many gold dust facts of her life to peep at:

1.The Richie-rich Nita Ambani is from a middle-class background

Yes, that’s true. The Ambani bahu was a actually a girl belonging to a traditional middle class family of Ravindrebhai Dalal and Poornima Dalal from the suburbs of Mumbai. A large joint family in a single house where Nita lived with her sister and 10 cousins. But Nita stated that besides being a girl from a traditional family, she was given complete freedom from her parents for doing whatever she wanted.

 2.Young Nita desired of being a teacher.

According to Nita herself, ‘Education is the biggest tool to bring about any change. Which is why I liked to be involved in moulding the thoughts of the next generation through my school and other academic initiatives.’ As a young and unmarried girl, she always wanted to be a teacher and served as a school teacher as well but destiny had different plans to bequeath her with the Ambani surname. The same reason applies to why she is running the Dhirubhai Ambani international school.

 3.There’s another unleashed side of the incredible Mrs. Ambani.

The all-rounder Ambani was a proficient Bharatanatyam dancer and still practises the dance form every day for 45 minutes. She had keen interest in swimming and dance but focused on a single extra-curriculum activity to be best at. According to Nita Ambani herself, Indian dance form brings up a philosophical Encouragement And leads her to connect with the eternal dance of the cosmos.


4.The making of Mukesh-Nita couple.

The wedding of Mukesh and Nita was a traditional Indian arranged marriage. In fact, when Dhirubhai Ambani first saw and admired her as the future Ambani bahu was during a bharatnatyam dance performance. The first time when Dhirubhai Ambani called with the proposal of marriage, Nita thought that somebody was making a prank. After Dhirubhai said on the phone that ‘I am Dhirubhai Ambani calling’ she made fun of him by saying ‘I am Elizabeth Taylor speaking’.  Both, Nita and Mukesh, had a series of meetings with a final ‘YES’ after a few months. But as Nita belonged to a traditional middle-class family, she was rarely allowed to meet Mukesh during their courtship and that too just before the midnight hour.


5.How her staff calls her out?

Any guesses? Normally, in richie-rich families, the staff calls the lady of the house as ‘madam’ or like ‘Mrs. Ambani’. But in case of down to earth Mrs. Ambani the case is quite contrasting. She has an extremely friendly equation with her staff or maids who call her ‘bhabhi ji’ (sister-in-law) instead of any formal ‘madam’. She is even known to give them exhortation through her talks and supervise on her own all the weekly accounts of the kitchen which according to Bhabhi ji herself has learnt from her mother-in-law, Kokilaben Ambani.

6.A disciplinary mother.

If you fancy that Mukesh Ambani’s kids, Isha, Anant and Akash Ambani have led a privileged childhood with all the facilities of the world, then wait a minute, you are wide of the mark here. The lady with a middle-class background had brought up her kids with the same values and restrictions. An example of this was seen when in an interview she disclosed that she used to give only Rs.5 to her kids every Friday as pocket money.


7.The obsessive Nita

We got to see the all-consuming side of Nita Ambani during the initial phase of her IPL team ‘Mumbai Indians’. Though at the outset, she was not prepared for this as she had no knowledge about cricket plus she was completely occupied with her school, Reliance retail and other ventures who were also in their infancy at the moment. But the besetting lady didn’t give up and when her team was not performing well, she travelled all the way to South Africa to work on with the core team on their weaknesses and even be concomitant with the team during their punishing practice sessions as well. She has the obsession for success like most of the successful people on the planet who had left their mark.


8.The philanthropic Nita

Nita has a soft side in her heart for the female children in India. Every now and then she has been seen showing her perturbation for the issue of female feticide which is quite common in rural India.

Her engrossment towards education has been seen through her initiative to open ‘Dhirubhai Ambani International School’. Up next, she is planning ‘Reliance University’ in Navi-Mumbai. What unique she has planned for her university is that the scholar of liberal arts, be it Bharatnatyam scholar, will be given equal importance as that of an electric engineer scholar. Not to forget, her project of an upcoming 400-plus beds multi-speciality hospital.

Her Reliance foundation is a philanthropic approach towards social issues and disaster management.

Her ‘education for all’ is yet again initiative to bring education to the underprivileged children around the country.


9.Nita is a pro

Being an Indian woman, Nita has transformed herself into a well proficient avatar who balances her professional and personal life superbly. Looking into her daily routine you will get to know how she makes it a routine to practice Bharatnatyam every day. After attending her school till afternoon, she accompanies her IPL team on their net practice sessions on the ground. During the IPL season, she tags along with the team till dinner and even after reaching home late at around 11 pm, she speeds up to make a list of points of improvements of the team.

Additionally, being tremendously busy doesn’t get into her way of looking after her family. In an interview she told that how she prefers quantity time along with quality time to spend with her family. A pro indeed!

 10.Struggling through the path of motherhood

The magnificent life of Nita Ambani as we catch sight of as an ideal life with the perfect business and perfect family was not the same through the beginning. She has passed through all sorts of stumbling blocks to have this ‘perfect family’. In fact, according to the doctors she couldn’t ever conceive and have kids but with the constant struggle and a traumatic pregnancy, she delivered twins two months before the due date to medical emergency. And still, she passed through all blizzard happening in her life as a mother with extreme stoicism and robustness. And the consequences are in front of all of us as three offspring who are outstandingly successful in their respective fields.

 11.Nita has a mania for fitness

Mrs. Ambani who is seen presently as perfectly fit was not the same always. She has undergone a huge transformation from 90 kgs to 50kgs at present. The whole lofty weight was shed through consistent routine of one and half hours of daily exercise and strict diet regime of oil and sugar free food. In fact, the stunning weight loss of her son, Anant Ambani was also a product of her passion for fitness. She was the one who provoked him to shed that enormous weight by shedding her own weight first to set an example for him to be fit.

 12.When Nita switches off her phone once a year.

We all know, Nita has an extremely busy schedule poising between school, family and business. A long list of meetings and endless phone calls every day. But a few know that she switches off her phone and keeps it aside once in a year. That’s the time when the admissions of her school are onset. Yes, that is because she used to receive stupendous amount of phone calls for admissions but she wanted only the deserved ones to get admitted.  That is why, she decided to keep her phone off for that particular period of time.

13.How Mrs. Ambani starts her day?

How we all start our day? Most of us do it with a cup of tea. Even she starts her day with a cup of tea but wait! What’s the crack? Tea is usual but the cup is not. The cup in which she has her tea is the renowned Noritake cup specially imported from Japan which is worth $4300 per cup or you can say $214,300 for a tea set. Whoa!

 14.The fashionista Ambani

When you have heaps of money to spend, spending on luxury brands is quite natural. When we talk about Nita Ambani, she is extremely Fond of branded shoes, watches and handbags. Her penchant of shoes is to such an extent that she never repeats a pair of shoes she wears. Her collection of watches includes Bulgari, Cartier, Rado, Gucci and Calvin Klein. Her favourite brands for handbags include Snel, Goyard, and jimmy Choo.


15.The first Indian woman to be chosen a member of international Olympic committee (IOC).

Back in 2016, Nita Ambani was the first Indian woman who was selected as the member of international Olympic committee (IOC). Not only that, she also received Rashtriya Khel Protsahan Award (national award for encouraging sports) in 2017 from the President of India. Forbes also listed her among the most influential women business leaders of Asia in 2016. Her philanthropic activities in education, sports and art were also acknowledged by the Metropolitan Museum in New York who honoured her in 2017.

The lotus comes from the murkiest water,

But grows into the purest thing.

                                  -Nita Ambani