In conversation with Ms Chrissa McFarlane, founder and CEO of Patientory

We connected with  Ms Chrissa Mcfarlane, founder and CEO of patientory, on the Blockchain Live exhibition in London. She was an inspirational and an insightful woman with extensive knowledge, This is what she had to say:


Patientory is a revolutionary blockchain platform which allows to:


1. View – You can share your complete medical history with your doctors via aggregated data across different providers and medical facilities, all in one place.


2. Manage – Doctors can manage their patients through access to data and advanced analytics that facilitates coordination of care. Automation tools and reminders will help your doctors and  save you time!


3. Share: You can securely share information with your doctors, family members, caregivers, specialists, and nurses, or chat via our secure messaging platform.


4. Secure: Encrypted middleware to meet the high-volume demands of modern day Health IT. HIPAA-compliant protected data storage that adheres to region-specific regulatory guidelines