About Professor Yu:
Winner of May 4th Youth Medal of Chongqing Government, China

Member of Core Expert Group for China UK Innovation Collaboration, Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, UK.

Company Director, ADAPT Commercial, UK (the company is currently managing 50 Million Venture Capital Fund) (2013-2015)

Committee Member of Pangoal Institution, a top Chinese Think Tank.

Company Director, Cocoon Global Ltd (This company currently hosting the largest incubator of European Union, at 4 Christopher Street, in entral London). www.cocoon-networks.com

Board Advisor, ELI Holding Group UK(This company assisted the purchase of Volve).

Committee Member, All China Youth Federation, China (the only UK based committee member of ACYF)

Visiting Professor & Director of Innovation Management Policy Institute, Zhejiang University, China

Member of CPPCC Chongqing International Affair Committee(Chinese Provincial Parliament).

Member of Standing Committee, Chongqing Youth Federation(Governmental Appointment).

Entreprenerial Master for China University Park(Awarded by Central Chinese Education Television, Presented by the deputy minister of education ministry of China, Ms. Lin Huiqing)

Fellow of China Center of Science and Technology Policy, Tsinghua University, China.

Vice President, Chongqing Wetern Returned Scholars Association/President of UK branch.(Govermental appointment)

Visiting Professor &PhD Supervisor at Chongqing University

Adjunct Associate Dean for faculty of Business and Social science, Chongqing Technology and Business University

Visiting Fellow/Senior Investigator at University of York

Chartered Engineer and Member of Institute of Engineering and Technology, UK

President, China Innovation and Development Association, UK

Director of Organizing Committee, China UK Entrepreneurship Competition, Since 2006

Advisory Board Member, SAP EU Timbus Project http://timbusproject.net

About Cocoon Global
Cocoon Global is the first Chinese-funded cross-border platform specialised in Co-working Space Management, Financial Services Provision and Entrepreneurial Community Building. Our mission is to connect British start-ups and SMEs with the Chinese market and with China’s capital.

Cocoon Networks London is Europe’s first Chinese-funded entrepreneurial ecosystem. Equipped with superb working amenities, Cocoon Networks London is strategically located just a few steps away from London’s Silicon Roundabout. With 70,000 sq ft of space over 5 floors, meeting rooms and a spacious open rooftop, Cocoon Networks London is the ideal environment for the development of revolutionary ideas and groundbreaking technological innovations.

For more info, please visit:
Website : http://www.cocoonglobal.com