“Life is full of regrets, but it doesn’t pay to look back”- Zinedine Zidane

Living a life full of regrets can be the biggest burden you’ll carry with you. It doesn’t let you go of your past, nor allows you to embrace your future. Life doesn’t have a rewind button, so act on it now so that you do not rue it later.

1.Needlessly worrying about what people thought about you

As if you could stop every mouth from speaking! You always thought their opinion mattered. How much did they even know you? What people think about is their business, not yours.

2.Not being grateful enough

Gratitude is the key. When we are not thankful for what we have, happiness will always maintain its distance. So count your blessings and start every day with a grateful heart.

3.Not giving time to hobby

    1. We all know how fast paced life is, but what about that one passion that you had? You could have been a happier soul with an occasional guitar or a basket ball in your hand. Do not give up on the little pleasures for they are the ones from which you derive real happiness.

    4.Not staying in touch with friends

    “It was just a matter of a phone call. I should have called to ask him how he was.” But once they are gone, you stand empty handed. Make an effort to call on a friend or a relative. These treasured relations are rarely found these days.

    5.Not heeding to your parents’ advice

    They might not sound right when you are riding your youthful horse, but when you realize how prudent they were, it’s already too late. They have seen more springs than you have, have had more failures and learnt from it, so take the short cut and learn from their experience.

    6.Quitting too soon

    “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit.” Remember- Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Perseverance always pays. The road might be bumpy, but there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

    7.Not going for long drives

    Looking for a therapy?  Good music and an endless road ahead might just be what you want. It surely does miracles. Never miss a chance to unwind. These roads and the soft music have healing powers. Just give it a try.

    8.Keeping toxic people in your life

    If happiness is contagious, so is negativity. You definitely don’t need such contamination. Such souls have a way of bringing gloom into everything around them. They need to be kept at an arm’s distance or their vibrations will trap you too.

    9.Not being yourself

    Life isn’t about pleasing others. You need to keep yourself originally intact. Trying to keep everyone happy can be toiling and cost you your own peace of mind. Learn to put yourself first.

    10.Ignoring your teeth

    One of the worst places to be is on a dentist’s chair. Needless to say – take care of your teeth or go through the torture- the choice is yours.

    11.Not going on more trips with family and friends

    Nothing can be compared to the moments spent with your family and friends. Go for trips, or watch a movie together. Life is too short to regret later.

    12.Not burying the hatchet

    Has anyone ever gained anything by holding a grudge? Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light has the ability to do that. So never keep a grudge for too long, nor take time to apologize. Such feelings, once cemented, build up into concrete walls between people.

    13.Not listening to your instinct

    Discrediting your gut feeling can cost you a lot. Trust it- your body can pick up vibrations. Always trust that inner voice warning you or telling you to go for that project, the reward will be worth the risk.

    14.Not standing up for yourself

    People will treat you the way you allow them to treat you- Giselle Mills. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you. No one in the world is more important than you.

    15.Not being spiritual

    To make peace with your past, present and future, you need to explore your inner self. You need to be conscious. You might not be able to control the state of affairs outside, but you can always control what happens within you.

    16.Not forgiving more

    Forgiveness is the most liberating act- it heals you and helps you grow. And making more foes than friends is never a good deal. Learn to let go, make peace with people around you for it is a favour you are doing to yourself, not to them.

    17.Not knowing your worth

    Never settle for less than you deserve. It’s high time you have been giving discounts. You are unique, born to be stand out. Compromising will never do you good. So never settle for anything less than what you are worthy of.

    18.Not living more in the moment

    Expecting the next moment to be better than this one can take away your whole life from you- your life is only now. Live in the present and relish every second of it. Past has gone, and future is a mystery. It is the present that you have complete control over.

    19.Not spending enough time with kids

    They grow up too quickly for you to even behold those joyful sights. They always have stuff to tell you. Sit with them and listen, they deserve you and your time more than anything else in this world. So don’t waste time- you need them as much as they need you.

    20.Letting other’s takeover your dream

    It’s good to support others but never at the cost of losing your own shine. Never let people take advantage of you and your dreams. They are yours and you have to put in your best to fulfill them don’t let anyone snatch that chance from you.

    21.Not capturing those precious moments

    The moments might have gone but you can relive it through the pictures you have clicked. It might seem too much of a task at that moment, but a few years later when you open that album or that file in your laptop, those memories come rushing back and iron out some wrinkles.

    22.Avoiding risks

    Fear of failure causes you to play a safe game, but where is the thrill and the windfall gain then? Never feel shy of trying something that looks promising. Repentance is too heavy a load to carry.

    23.Holding back your feelings

    No one has ever benefitted from keeping things bolted up inside. Never be afraid of expressing yourself. If you love someone- say it. If you can’t stand it anymore- say it. Your feelings need to be expressed, not kept in a dark dungeon.

    24.Not giving much to the society

    Volunteering to make others’ lives better can bring immense peace in your life. Sharing and caring are such acts that are bless both the giver and the receiver. Making the world a better place will never go out of fashion.

    25.Reacting to unnecessary drama

    Ever heard of negative energy and its effect on you? Walking away from such situation is much wiser than trying to attend to them. When you cannot control it, why entertain it?

    26.Not giving fitness a priority

    As they say- ‘Take care of your body as it is the only place you have to live’. A walk or a jog in the open air adds life to your years. Your body needs some time and attention too. If you do not respect it, it won’t respect you.

    27.Not giving your grandparents enough time

    Grandparents are a treasure trove of wisdom. Their life experiences can help you take the most vital decisions, provided you are not too late.


    28.Staying in an unhealthy relationship

    Know your worth and move on. There is no flower brighter than the first to bloom after a harsh winter. Time heals everything. And you were never meant to be rooted in one place. If it is time to move on, gather the courage and pack your bags. Nothing but you sanity is all that matters.

    29.Refusing to understand things from others’ perspective

    Why is life always about you and your struggles? It would be good to step into someone else’s shoes sometimes.

    30.Not quitting a miserable job

    If it no longer works for you, then just walk away. The feeling of freedom is priceless. No one has the right to exploit you. Your productivity and health are an all time low in an atmosphere where you can’t breathe freely.

    31.Letting too much anxiety exhaust you

    As Corrie Tena Boom said, ‘Worrying doesn’t empty tomorrow of its troubles, it empties today of its strengths.’ Who isn’t troubled by unfavorable situation? But no one has ever been benefitted by letting anxiety dwell. Tough times need to be worked on and not stressed on.

    32.Not finding the courage to finish what you started

    It’s not failure, its unfinished business. You can never reach your destination by changing routes or giving up midway. Once you tighten your grip over it, it will start obeying your orders. But the key is to continue to strive.

    33.Not apologizing

    Only brave people can say sorry as it takes immense courage, and not to forget it saves a relationship. It might to be the most difficult thing on earth, but it’s the cheapest thing to save the most expensive gift called relationship.