‘If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older’- Tom Stoppard

The word ‘childhood’ takes us on a beautiful journey into those glorious days. The sun never seemed to be too hot, the rain was never too much, even the winters not so harsh! Such was the innocence of that time in our lives. The ever-ticking clock was our friend, problems always maintained a safe distance from us and fun was what we breathed 24*7!

Reminiscing about those carefree days does force all of us to ponder over the changes we have all undergone, the hurdles that have popped up, and the complications that we are surrounded with.

The question is- Why has it all changed for the worse? Why not stay the same old us- the nonchalant children who knew nothing but how to make most of everything that came our way?

So, let’s find the answers to our question by revisiting our childhood and unfolding its secrets.

1. Honesty

Integrity is the most important foundation of every person. As children, you never knew what fabricating truth was. Life was simple, straightforward and oh-so-honest! When you do not waste your energy in finding ways of being dishonest, you utilize all that time in being more creative and giving you best short to your work. This feel-free feeling relieves you of unnecessarily worrying of all the lies that had been concocted and how to be saved from being caught. Keep it simple, keep it straight. If your truth and honesty aren’t appreciated, this isn’t the place for you.

2. Feel free to express yourself

Do you remember of even a single instance when you had to think twice before expressing yourself? Children, the most fortunate of the lot, are always carefree. Such a free spirit should exist in the grown-ups too. When you let out all your thoughts, you feel liberated. It also helps you to share your ideas with others which lead to very healthy, and sometimes productive, conversation. If you do not give a vent to what you think, you are bound to be cocooned in a dark space. This is going to lead nowhere. The way a child is loud and clear about the way he/she thinks or feels, we too need to give words to our thoughts and ideas.

  1. Live in the present moment

As children, no one has ever bothered to ponder over the next moment, leave aside ‘the uncertain future’ all one was ever concerned about was – what to play, what to eat, or how to do mischief! So where did all this anxiety about tomorrow come? I think children are prudent enough to know that it’s only the present moment that we have, that we can work on, that we can enjoy and that we can live! When the thoughts of what might happen tomorrow or what had happened yesterday overpower us, we are imprisoned in these frivolous speculations.

  1. Derive happiness from everything you do

When you open an old album or watch your childhood video, what is that one thing that makes you sigh? The happiness all around! Those pictures are a substantial proof that you were a much more mirthful fellow back then. Even a mere success of making a paper plane was a gargantuan success. And now? Nothing seems to satisfy you. This needs to be changed. You can start with the most minuscule of everyday achievements, maybe reaching work on time, and celebrate it with a broad smile. Such unbridled happiness will make your day brighter and your soul will gleam in its shine.

  1. Trust yourself

Never has anyone seen a child with an aura of self-doubt. Every little kid has always dreamt to be a pilot, a doctor, an astronaut or the Prime Minister/ President. None of them must have ever thought whether they can do it or not. Such is the beauty of self-belief. When you start following the lifestyle of a child, this should be the first quality to inculcate. Only then you will be able to able to pursue your dreams.

6. Laugh heartily

The undaunted spirit of a child is the most enchanting. Those carefree giggles can cast magic even on the darkest soul. When a child laughs, he does that with all his heart. Listening to them laugh out loud is therapy too. This is one thing that you should definitely learn from your childhood. The frown lines on your face are resounding evidence of your lack of lighter moments. Laughing out loud is known to have a medicinal effect too, and we all know that. But along with it, it takes your pressure away and you get to enjoy every moment without any restraints.

  1. Learn to forgive

Forgiveness is the most revered virtue. The innocent soul of a child knows no malice or grudge. Many a time we witness children quarreling over some petty issues and declaring each other their staunch enemies, and within a blink of an eye, they are back to their playdates forgetting everything that had happened. As they say, you forgive others not because they deserve it, but because you deserve your peace.

  1. Be imaginative

Children are the best weavers of stories. They can come up with the weirdest of thoughts and conclusions. Their imagination isn’t hounded by any fear of judgment or dejection. But as you grow up, these demons haunt us. What if people laugh at us? What if it doesn’t work? Such apprehensions keep you from letting your genius side be brought to light. Had the famous scientist and entrepreneurs restricted their imagination, we all would have had lesser luxuries and fewer heroes to look up to.

 9.It’s good to share

‘Sharing is a good habit’- the constant reminder for a child, be it home, school or even a birthday party. Childhood has always been considered to be the best learning phase for all our future endeavors, but it doesn’t seem to be working, right? When it comes to sharing your ideas, uplifting people, being there for others when they need you, people seem to have forgotten those childhood lessons. Kids can always be seen enjoying a pack of chips, their toys and everything dear to them with their buddies. This should be a way of life for the grown-ups too. Sharing increases joy. When you are ready to enjoy our blessings with others, you also open the doors for others to make you a part of their happiness too.

  1. Be gregarious

Children are socially much more active than adults because they do not waste their time in judging others. When you isolate yourself from the society, you clip your own wings. There can be no growth without interacting with people because you learn from every person you cross paths with. Try sitting in a children’s park and observe their social skill. With a beaming smile, they are ready to mingle with anyone just to have fun. You too can adapt it by making it a way to gain knowledge and learn from others’ experiences. It also helps you to unwind and rejuvenate.

It does sound a little strange, but you do have lots to learn from our ‘devil-may-care’ attitude as children. If you tread those paths again, you will find it to be a joyride of beautiful memories and fruitful changes.

Don’t shy from accepting that we can learn lots from children too!