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You would have listened to ten, twenty or thirty things you didn’t know about a person but then what, what’s the next step? We want our bulls to be able to live and breathe their mentors and readily absorb their qualities and be on their path to be a Bull.


Here are some of the core qualities that makes a Bull and How can you be one!

When you read the name Dwayne Johnson, what is the first thing that goes through your head. Someone of you might muse of the everlasting muscles, someone might think of the luxurious life or the enormous popularity and fan-following. But Dwayne was not born with this deluxe living. Or should I say ‘Dwayne was not made in a day’. A series of hard-ships, pressures and scuffles have sculptured ‘the heart-throb Johnson’ that we admire today. His life is an inspiration for all. In this segment of the series, let’s get exhilarated to be like ‘ The Dwayne Johnson’ :

1. Make tolerance as your sign of strength rather than weakness.

Since the very start of his life, Dwayne had whole sorts of complications lined up around him. Be it, his father’s inability to earn much for the family or their ever changing homes  or his father’s rumoured extra martial affairs following his parents divorce. During this, one day when Dwayne and his mother were returning back home, they saw a padlock at their door with an eviction notice on it. This sudden calamity left him and his mother in an abrupt trauma. But Dwayne had been seen to come out of it with great robustness and supported his mother through it as well.

2. Repair your ego and arrogance before it is too late.

The tall, masculine Dwayne was never liked by his schoolmates during his teens. The arrogant and stubborn brat once went to use the teachers washroom instead of the students one but was caught a  teacher who angrily asked him to leave it. But instead, Dwayne ignorantly said that he would leave after washing his hands. still he felt ashamed of himself and the very next day he searched for the teacher and apologized for his rude behaviour. The teacher was none other than his football coach, Jody cwik, who got impressed and asked him to join football team.

3. If it is not in your favour, it is not the finals.

Though Dwayne was all rising up in football and was completely determined to bag a place in NFL but destiny was not in his favour at that moment. Injuries didn’t let him perform well and was left in depression. Eventually with as low grades as 0.7 he was dropped out of school as well. But even here, his coach stood by his side and motivated him to grow out of his depression and move ahead for better opportunities. Finals yet to come.

4. Get pleased only with the struggle . There is never been a royal road to learning.

With gleaming dreams and heart full of perseverance, Dwayne managed to the Canadian football league Calgary stampaders but what looked pleasing for all was not so easy. He was made to sleep on a terribly stained mattress and had no way other to be fed on instant noodles and spaghettis in a two room apartment with 3 more fellow players. Still all his efforts couldn’t be fruitful and he couldn’t make to NFL. He was left in massive despair with only 7 dollars in his pocket and a dark future were nothing could be seen. All that pressure he faced during that period, transformed him into the diamond that we have today.

5. Trust the magic of beginning to start something new.

Devastated Johnson didn’t give up and explored himself to find his real port of call. It took too much of strength and courage for him to accept that the chapter of football had been finished for him. It was our streak of luck that he could really find that wrestling was in his blood and it was actually calling him to create history. Broken Johnson eventually sought his father’s guidance to land up as a wrestler. And the rest is history.

6. Nobody can dim that light that shines from within.

Though the light from within his heart was diminished temporarily when he failed in football, but Dwayne was made to create history and finally he found his actual place in wrestling. Though left helpless with only $7 in his pocket, he had countless desires in his eyes. He was not even capable to provide himself with a wrestling trunk, boots and knee pads. His uncle’s trunks were what he borrowed to wear during his first match. Finally, the light shone so bright that all the spectators were left dazzled.

7. Which ever field it be, there is always survival of the fittest. Always respond to the changes and everything will be in your favour.

With his debut in the wrestling ring, Johnson introduced himself as ‘Rocky Maivia’ which was like a tribute from his side to his father and grandfather who also belonged to the same field. But the audience were not enjoying this good guy much. The rock solid guy who never gave up in his life evolved himself into the persona who had a bad image and was ultimately liked by the audience. This was the one who created history, our very own ‘The Rock’.

8. Compete as such to bring out the best in you and the worst in your rivals.

Prodigious exercises, body building endeavour, and extensive practices at the wrestling ring upshot the phenomena ‘The rock’. Steve Austin, mankind and triple h saw on him their biggest rival and a matter of concern for their career. He heldthe wwf/wwe championship belt not only once, twice but actually 8 times in a time lapse of 10 years. The wrestling world had been gifted with a star who ruled the wrestling world for more than a decade.

9. It is never too late to fulfil your dreams.

As a child, being always inspired by Elvis Presley, Harrison Ford and Chuck Norris, the little Johnson always thought of being like them one day. The established wrestler, walked behind his dreams and called off from his wrestling career to move ahead with new plans in the show-bizz industry. With extremely minute experience and gigantic tenacity, Dwayne began with a new chapter in his life. To your surprise, Dwayne holds a record for being the highest paid actor for a debut lead role for his role in the Scorpion King.

10. You can’t be successful without taking risks.

The tough guy in the wrestling ring, opted for rather opposite roles in the movie industry. Be It family movies like tooth fairy and the journey to the centre of the earth 2, or be cool in which he was acted as a gay character. Although a completely changed look was offered but he received tremendous appreciation from his fans in return.

11. The dreams become real through sweat and hard work

For a person like Dwayne, acting was not a piece of cake. He had to work hard like hell to gain knowledge about acting skills. Even being continuously sick during his acting schedule in the Sahara desert, he never gave up and gave his very best to his job in his debut movie. Dwayne has known for doing his utmost both on screen and off screen for his career in the movie industry. The well deserved actor has earned his own star on the Hollywood walk of fame recently on 2017.

12. Never forget your past and the journey you have travelled. Turn your wounds into wisdom .

Dwayne has been successful in establishing his own production company, the seven bucks production. The story behind the name of the company depicts the amount of money he had in his pocket when he was dropped out of the football team. The journey from $7 to $280 million (His net worth till 2018) was full of hurdles and bumps. But still with a fabulous and luxurious life he lives today, he never forgets the very beginning of his journey with ‘seven bucks’.

13. Live the extraordinary experience of record making.

Dwayne Johnson has been known for breaking 5 Guinness world records. These include the record for the most number of selfies of which he had 105 in 3 minute during the premier of San Andreas in 2016  His first record was for being the highest paid actor for a debut movies which he got for the Scorpion King. The next record was for the Highest annual earning for a film actor which he got in 2016. His latest record he shares with his team of seven bucks production is for making the largest seven layer dip weighing around 540 pounds.

 14. Help people even if you know they can’t help you back.

From nothing to a huge thing, the renowned  Dwayne Johnson still appreciates the worth of hard work and exertions he has gone through his entire life. He has always seen concerned about kids similar like him who have that potential but lack in means to achieve their aims. The rock foundation he has formed serves those underprivileged kids for helping them in creating a better future. Moreover, he has always seen being active on social media updating his lifestyles and standards of comfort as an inspiration for his fans to energize themselves and rise up in life. For more to offer to his countrymen, Dwayne is said to be planning for 2020 presidents elections.

To sum up, grasping and swallowing everything we could learn from Dwayne as a person, as a sports guy, as a wrestler and as a phenomenal actor, we concluded that there is never a sad ending and if it is sad, it is still not the ending. Keep trying, keep tussling  and wrestling through your life, you will be a star in your eyes and in those around you one day. Everyday a new Dwayne Johnson will be born.

Blood, sweat and respect.

The first two you give,

The last one you earn.

Dwayne Johnson