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How to be Sachin tendulkar

Naam hi kaafi hai’. ‘The name is enough’.  The man who needs no introduction. We are talking about The master blaster of cricket. Me, you and thousands and millions of people desire of being like him, to have a life like him. Even the renowned cricketers and sportsters around the world look up to him as their IDOL.

If I had a son I would have wanted him to play like Sachin.

  • Brian Lara

I have seen GOD, he bats at no.4 for India in tests.

  • Mathew Hayden

He’s 99.5 percent perfect.

  • Viv Richards.

 Not letting any more second to go, let’s start with ‘ How to be Sachin tendulkar’

1.Utterly FOCUS on your Journey, the Destination will automatically be joyful.

Since ever being a child, Sachin was so focused towards his game that he never allowed his mind to diverge from the aim. One instance, that could relate to it, was when a young writer Mudar Patherya, had to write an article on the greatest schoolboy cricketer ever. But Sachin, even at the age of 14, was so focused on his game, Patherya had to ask Sachin’s elder brother for an appointment to meet him.

He has immense serenity and calmness Whenever you see him playing. A mind completely free of thoughts and already programmed for the sixth sense to be the driving force.

2.If you have patience from within, great works are not far.

Once playing in England, while Sachin was walking back to the pavilion, a prankster jumped off the fences and walked towards him. He kept dancing around him weirdly. But to your surprise, Sachin didn’t ill-treat or complained about him. He just completed his 30 yards walk to the pavilion calmly as if nobody is around him. He is undoubtedly ‘the hero of cricket’. Next time, you feel losing control, remember this fact. I hope you will inculcate the same patience to be like him.

3.Never let limitations come in your way to success.

Whenever Sachin is completely fit, he is the BEST in everything on field. But injuries and mis happenings are a part of life, especially for a sports person. But what is inspiring about Sachin is that he never gives up. He adapts to his limitations and gives his best, no matter what the result would be. This was shown during the IPL 3, when all of us knew that Tendulkar was in extreme pain but he still took his franchise home. The incredible Mr. Tendulkar.


4.Create the balance between all the spheres of your work, if you really want to be extraordinary.

You have seen Brian Lara batting like a storm. You have seen Steve Waugh’s forbidding batting. But when it comes to Sachin Tendulkar, he makes a balance between all the aspects. His ways are ever changing and countless. He equilibrium he makes between all the aspects is what makes him ‘the master blaster’.


5.No matter how strong your rival is, if you are upright, you will always win.

Ever since from the beginning of his career, Sachin has been seen fearless ever ready to learn. During the final test of his first series at Sialkot, he got hit up by a bouncer by Waqar Younis and almost got his nose wounded. But what makes him the ‘God of cricket’ is that rather than leaving and going back to the pavilion, he still got up and played the next ball through the covers for a boundary.

6.Think more, talk less.

Tendulkar has always been seen to be humble and shy. He is always been with lesser words to talk. But if your bat does all the talking, words hardly matter. Nevertheless, when it comes to taking side for anyone, Tendulkar always stands at the front position. This was clearly seen during the Harbhajan Singh controversy in 2008.

7.When it comes to your professional life, never take anything personal.

In terms of nationality or colour or any other aspect during a match, Tendulkar has never ever been seen to lose his voice, or being angry or taking revenge with anybody. You have always seen him trying to and defeating his opponents in matches but have never come through Sachin taking it personally with anybody.

8.No matter how much prosperous you are in your field, always keep evolving your self for a better tomorrow.

This is the unique characteristic of Sachin as a player we have seen through his 20 years long career span. He has never stopped learning and exploring himself, even if he was established as a cricketer. If ever possible, you could have seen him playing from dawn till dusk and then next morning again.

9.To be an expert, you need to gain stamina in one direction.

When you look up to Sachin’s records in test innings, he has one century in every five and a half. When you think of a hundred in a test match, think of great endurance and concentration that had been involved to achieve. This could have involved mastering varied bowlers, changing field positions, tremendous amount of time, shifting partners and continuous vigilance towards the ball. He has all these qualities in plethora and inspire us to be Sachin Tendulkar.

10.If you want new records and progress, never be satisfied with what you have achieved.

Even after scoring 14,000 runs in tests and 17,000 in ODIs, Sachin once said that He was not pleased yet with what he had done. This quality of him has led him to such heights where nobody before him had reached. This power of self-grooming and dissatisfaction if anybody inculcated, he is surely to conquer highest peaks.


11.To be Sachin, you need to be score high through philanthropic causes as well.

Sachin has always been highly bountiful to his fans. Not only his fans, he is a great philanthropist for the needy people around as well. A Mumbai-based NGO for the support of underprivileged children have Sachin Tendulkar and his mother-in-law Annabel Mehta as one of their biggest supporters. Believe in the power of giving, to achieve what you look for.

12.Family comes first.

You have seen him practising through the nets, going through longer then ever innings, making strokes through the boundaries and being immensely liberal with his fans. But a unique quality of Sachin, that can be highly helpful and motivational for all of us is the balance he makes between his personal and professional life. According to Sachin himself, “when I think of cricket, it is only cricket. When I cross the boundary line, it’s not cricket, it’s family.”

13.Be self determined to prove people wrong.

Australians had been renowned of not accepting any foreign player as their own frequently and having an attachment with him. But his extraordinary game skills and self determination, he has proved the fact wrong. He has been seen loved and treasured by Australian cricket community and fans. Not to forget, he was the chief guest for the 90th birthday party of sir Donald Bradman.

14.Nourish your mind with positive thoughts to attain what you desire in life.

An interesting fact about Indian fans is that when you are going something remarkable, they will love and worship you like God. And if you, by chance underperform, they will complain, criticize and hell will fall over. But Sachin has always seen being positive in all such situations. He has always answered criticism via media about his bad play at times through his good game by walking the walk and not talking the talk.

15.Always express gratitude to all around you for your success.

On every win that you have ever seen of Sachin, at the time of speech, he has always thanked his counterparts for their assistance. He has never missed any chance to mention them as the reason for the victory. This is a way by complimenting people for all the petty things they do for you, you can, in a way, do wonders for yourself.

16.Every small step you take counts to bigger hits tomorrow.

Sachin has seldom been seen Just hitting boundaries and shots. Rather, he is a safe player who believes in several 1’s and 2’s that add up to his score and longer innings. We can learn through this to pay attention to every little work we do, which may add up to a bigger than ever end product.

17.Never stay down after a fall.

It was Chennai’s test series 1999. India needed 271 in the 4th innings. The scoreboard read 82 for 5. The responsibility of the game to take India home was all on Sachin’s back. But to the contrary, Sachin was fighting with sever back pain. But still the master blaster managed to hit a total of 136 before getting out while fighting with his pain and scorching humid weather. Though India lost match for 12 runs but Sachin bagged man of the match award. According to Sachin himself, “ my world seemed to collapse around me and I just couldn’t hold back the tears in the dressing room.” That was the first time he didn’t go to ‘receive his man of the match award. But he lived the spirit of great personalities.

18.Respect your job.

Sachin has always shown immense respect for his sport and is a great example for all of us as for how treating your job as your religion can bring so much prosperity on your life.

Once a news went viral that Sachin recused to shoot for a soft drink ad because according to the ad theme, he had to smash cricket balls using a fly swatter. But according to Sachin, if he did this, it would make him greater than the game and his conscience didn’t allow him for this. As a result, the ad was amended and he hit the ball with a stump. Such a respect we need to inculcate in ourselves for our respective jobs to be like Sachin Tendulkar.

19.Handle pressure like privilege.

You can say, pressure only comes to those who deserve it. It was the scene of final over of hero cup semi final against semi-final in South Africa in 1993. Sachin was asked to bowl. We know he is not so comfortable to this situation. But instead of being conquered by the situation, he accepted the pressure and rest is history.


20.Love for your country

In his own book, Sachin showed us the glimpse of his level of patriotism. ‘right through my career, listening to the national anthem while standing alongside my teammates, has given me Goosebumps. For me personally there is nothing that compares to playing for India. Someone who is determined to play for his country will inevitably strive towards his goals.’ His sayings give us a clear picture of the level of patriotism he has For his country and how we can be affluent in our lives as well if we foster some his qualities into our lives and our personality.

People throw stones at you,

And you convert it into milestones.

Sachin Tendulkar